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About Us / Corporate Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Charitable Investment

We believe in social stewardship. Charitable investment is integral to our culture. The projects we undertake make our global communities better places to live, work, and do business. We’ve made a long-standing commitment to programs and eligible community organizations that strive to challenge the status quo in education, health and services to U.S. veterans.

The programs we love

Brocade seeks to build future innovators by addressing needs across the education ecosystem. We work with partners who advance educational opportunities designed to increase the number of students pursuing science, math, and engineering curricula. We support teacher professional development programs in these vital areas.

A healthy community begins with healthy citizens. Brocade’s corporate wellness strategy extends to our community partners. By supporting community health organizations and national partners committed to research and client services we are building healthy communities.

U.S. veterans have done so much for us. In turn, they may need assistance in reintegrating into the larger community. Brocade partners regional and national organizations who work tirelessly to support our Veterans.

Brocade encourages employees to actively support causes important to them. The company matches eligible charitable donations and, by extension, supports a variety of community partners.

Additional information about our charitable partnerships and the collective work we are doing to have a positive impact on education, health and veteran services can be found on our social media channels.


Brocade employees regularly give their time to create meaningful change in the communities surrounding our campuses. Employees receive 40 hours of paid time off to volunteer with eligible community organizations—often volunteering in large groups, which also promotes team building.

We make sure math and science teachers and students have the tools they need to thrive—not just once, but year after year. Because good things begin at home, we encourage team members to help provide those who are less fortunate with food, shelter, and medical care. We think globally and act locally when it comes to environmental protection. And Brocade’s people improve the environment through Bike-to-Work initiatives, highway cleanups, and park beautification.

Diversity & Inclusion

In diversity, there is strength. To that end, Brocade has made a strong commitment to hiring and developing those who bring skill and dedication to their work. Wherever we recruit, we look for people who demonstrate an interest in what they do and a desire to continue building their skills through lifelong learning.

Our open and inclusive approach has served us well. The rich variety that characterizes our global workforce is reflected in product innovations and the integrity with which we conduct business.

Government Affairs

Brocade respects our role in dialogue that drives policy at local, state, federal, and international levels. We actively participate in discussions that inform stakeholder groups on areas of importance to our business. Through various trade associations, industry affiliations, and direct advocacy we take positions that challenge the status quo, drive innovation, encourage competition, improve the business climate, promote equality, and increase the quality of life for the communities where we live and work.

In accordance with the company’s standards of business conduct and ethics, Brocade does not make political contributions to individuals or political action committees. The company may, in accordance with policy, support measures that have a direct impact to our business.