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Software-Defined Networking (SDN)

Software-Defined Networking is new approach to networking that unbundles the traditional device-bound, vertically integrated network stack to give you greater network automation, architectural flexibility, and programmability for policy-driven control and self-service innovation.

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The mission of The OpenDaylight Project is to facilitate a community-led, industry-supported open source framework to help enable an advanced ecosystem for Software-Defined Networking.

OpenDaylight Project

OpenDaylight, a Linux Foundation Collaborative Project, unites industry leaders with the goal of a common and open SDN platform for developers to utilize, contribute to, and build commercial products and technologies. The Project is committed to furthering adoption of SDN as well as accelerating innovation on top of the platform in new and differentiated ways in a vendor-neutral and open environment where anyone can participate based on the merit of their contributions.

Brocade is one of the original founding and Platinum members of the OpenDaylight Project. Brocade is a strong supporter of open networking solutions and architectures, and believes that openness is critical for the success of SDN. OpenDaylight and the contributions from Brocade will work to provide an open source platform for products and technologies that expand the intelligence of underlying network infrastructure to make it more responsive to overall IT and service provider demands.

Brocade is completely committed to OpenDaylight to empower the developer ecosystem to deliver a common open source framework and platform for SDN across the industry for customers, partners, and developers. The Brocade Vyatta Controller is the first commercial controller built directly from OpenDaylight code, without any proprietary extensions or platform dependencies. Users can freely optimize their network infrastructure to match the needs of their workloads, and develop network applications that can be run on any OpenDaylight-based controller.

The OpenDaylight Project
The framework of the OpenDaylight Project



Software-Defined Networking Resources

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SDN introduces new opportunities to centralize network services more rapidly, but also new forms of complexity. Brocade VCS Fabric technology provides unique automation capabilities and resilience in the physical fabric, as well as integration and hardware support for leading SDN solutions.


Dynamic orchestration and provisioning of campus network resources using Software-Defined Networking (SDN).