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It is easy to see why enterprises are moving toward cloud infrastructures. Transitioning to a cloud computing environment promises many benefits, including greater economies of scale and greater flexibility to adopt new application workloads. OpenStack is an open source cloud orchestration framework for enabling rapid service delivery.

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OpenStack is a global collaboration of approximately 16,000 developers and cloud computing technologists dedicated to producing the leading open source cloud computing platform for public and private clouds.

A member of the OpenStack alliance since 2011, Brocade has embraced this open source cloud platform in order to promote multivendor and system-to-system interoperability for cloud environments. Brocade supports OpenStack users in three ways:

  • The Brocade data center portfolio delivers the visibility, extensibility, and adaptability for changing environments offered by OpenStack
  • Brocade is drawing on its data center networking expertise to contribute major architectural enhancements to the core OpenStack framework
  • Brocade partners with leading open source providers to offer a consumable, supported path to orchestrating The On-Demand Data Center, powered by Brocade

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OpenStack Resources

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Among its various Open Source contributions, Brocade is contributing to the OpenStack community with the creation of an FC Zone Manager that supports key FC SAN functionality and use cases.


This document describes a Red hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform 4.0 configured to use the Brocade VCS plugin.


Mirantis and Brocade have partnered to provide a turnkey, OpenStack-based, On-Demand Data Center solution for service providers. Brocade builds on the proven Mirantis OpenStack® platform and Fuel deployment automation by adding network management integration, functionality, scalability, and automation suitable for cloud service provider’s complex needs.


With the IaaS market growing 100 percent annually, public cloud competition is intensifying. Service providers need to differentiate their offerings without ceding control of their roadmap to proprietary commercial technologies. OpenStack’s extensibility helps achieve real vendor independence and deeper roadmap control. But keeping pace with the scalability, availability, performance, security, and topology demands are becoming increasingly challenging.


Yahoo! JAPAN enables LBaaS in its OpenStack private cloud and optimizes data center scalability with Brocade ADX.