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As the industry leader in data center networking solutions, Brocade is working with Microsoft to offer products and services that extend virtualization from servers to the network and data center.

Ten Ways to Optimize Your Microsoft Hyper-V Environment with Brocade

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Brocade Management Pack for Microsoft System Center

The Brocade Management Pack for Microsoft System Center works with the Brocade HBA to monitor the health and performance of data center SAN infrastructure. It works with the Performance and Resource Optimization (PRO) framework in Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) to provide intelligent recommendations that allow IT administrators to dynamically optimize the performance of their virtualized workloads.

For example, Microsoft SCVMM PRO Alert for Link Congestion monitors I/O performance from the server to the data in the SAN using Brocade Management Pack. If the link congestion exceeds a defined threshold, System Center generates a PRO Tip recommending virtual machine migration from that particular host, or has VMM automatically reassign the virtual machine and its applications to another physical server, avoiding any significant downtime for application and users.

"We are pleased to align with Brocade in their delivery of new capabilities which integrate with the end-to-end virtualization management solutions provided by System Center to simplify infrastructure management and provide powerful new capabilities to the dynamic, virtualized data center."

 - Zane Adam, senior director of integrated virtualization at Microsoft.

Brocade Management Pack for use with Brocade HBA

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Coming soon. Watch for the Brocade Management Pack for use with Brocade SAN Switches/Directors in the near future

We Are Building Joint Solutions With Microsoft Virtualization

Brocade Ethernet Solutions:

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Brocade, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, and Mitel, come together to deliver the benefits of unified communications


The Brocade Management Pack for Microsoft System Center monitors the health and performance of data center SAN infrastructure to help IT manage virtual server workload.


When it came time to choose a networking infrastructure solution, MaximumASP recognized that it needed a solution that could support its demanding business model. Given those requirements, MaximumASP turned to Brocade.


This document is a guide to configuring Microsoft® Hyper-V using NPIV with a Brocade® Fibre Channel to PCIe Host Bus Adapter (HBA). It will help you understand what you need to consider before deploying this solution and how to implement and diagnose NPIV with Hyper-V. It is designed for Windows System Administrators and Storage Administrators. A basic understanding of how to use Windows, Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM), Fibre Channel (FC) storage, and zoning is assumed.


To maximize the benefits of network connectivity in a virtualized server environment, Brocade works seamlessly with Microsoft Hyper-V and Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager (MSCVMM) to deliver high performance, high availability, security, energy efficiency, and streamlined management end to end.