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The network has become a mission-critical component for today's organizations. It is responsible for far more than just enabling the applications that drive business operations. Today's network infrastructures are extensions of business operations that must adapt to rapid growth, data-intensive applications, security threats, and new technologies that extend the edge of the network.

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To help organizations address these challenges, Brocade has made significant investments in developing technologies that address the networking requirements of today and the future. Based on the Brocade One strategy, these technologies simplify network infrastructure and improve business efficiency through cloud-optimized networks. Learn more about each technology to find out how Brocade products, solutions, and services can maximize the return on Brocade networking investments.

IP/Ethernet Resources

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Provides a high level overview of the 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) WAN PHY defined in the IEEE 802.3ae standard.


Terms that define Ethernet ports, such as 10GBASE-SR, often have two meanings—one from the standard and one from the industry. This paper explains the industry nomenclature of the most common types of Ethernet ports.


Presents an overview of the 40 Gigabit and 100 Gigabit Ethernet standards (recently adopted by the IEEE), technologies, and applications in service provider, data center, and enterprise networks.


The Brocade MLXe multiservice IP/MPLS routers, part of the Brocade One network architecture, reflect the Brocade imperative of unmatched simplicity, optimized applications, non-stop networking, and investment protection in delivering customer solutions.