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Network Visibility

As mobile operators transition their legacy networks to 4G LTE to provide better services for their customers, they face new and significant operational and cost challenges. The Brocade Network Visibility solution helps operators extract key insights from their networks to make intelligent, real-time business decisions, simplifying the migration to the next-generation network.

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Mobile operators are making tremendous investments into building 4G LTE networks to bring new services to their customers, so they must maximize their return in order to stay profitable. Operators must find ways to increase their efficiency, reduce costs, while delivering the highest quality customer experience. Service providers have previously achieved this by improving their network visibility through increased usage of analytic tools through network taps. However, this method does not scale to the complexity of 4G LTE. By deploying an effective packet selector for greater network intelligence and programmability, mobile operators can ultimately improve their end users’ overall experience, minimize customer churn, and reduce overall network cost.

The Brocade Network Visibility is a solution that helps mobile service providers to non-disruptively extract and analyze massive data flows. By gaining key insights into the network, they can reduce operational expenses, eliminate downtime, and improve the time to market of new applications and tools. By deploying the Brocade Network Visibility solution, mobile operators are able to maximize network utilization and ensure customer satisfaction as they transition to 4G LTE.

The Brocade Network Visibility solution is comprised of two components:

  • The Intelligent Traffic Selector is the Brocade MLXe Core Router that provides the line rate traffic filtering, selection, replication, and aggregation needed to deliver the correct traffic from the production network to the individual analytics tools in the network tool farm that need to consume it.
  • The Brocade Traffic Classifier provides network administrators and external applications a business rule-based language to program the Intelligent Packet Selector with the correct filers and replication policies.


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