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Data Center Interconnect

Service providers are increasingly building out geographically dispersed data centers in order to deliver cloud services to customers. To provide the best experience for those services, service providers must have an agile, reliable, and secure connection between data center sites. The Brocade data center interconnect solution provides a scalable and high-performance network to enable innovative service delivery, while also ensuring data privacy and maximizing the value of the network.

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As cloud services become increasingly prevalent, the interconnection between provider data centers and between their data centers and their customers’ becomes critical, driving demand for capacity, reliability, and flexibility. The sheer number and breadth of data centers is exploding—from mega “hyper-scale” data centers with hundreds to even thousands of servers, to micro data centers in service provider central offices located near every end user. With everything going digital, data centers also need to be backed up for disaster recovery and business continuity. And, with the evolution to hybrid cloud models, applications and data in enterprise and public sector data centers must be able to seamlessly connect to the service provider data centers.

As part of The Brocade On-Demand Data Center vision, Brocade delivers a data center interconnect solution that connects distributed data centers to better leverage resource pools across the entire network and infrastructure. The solution improves mobility, making it easier to seamlessly move groups of virtual machines between data centers and solving the challenges of shifting applications between facilities. This solution provides multitenancy for service providers delivering separation, security, scale, and the ability to offer services.

The Brocade MLXe Series performs the pivotal role in this solution with support for IP/MPLS, OpenFlow-based SDN, Multi-Chassis Trunking (MCT), and inline encryption capabilities at high-density 10 GbE, 40 GbE, and 100 GbE speeds. This end-to-end comprehensive standards-based solution provides massive scale-out and user separation, maximizing the experience for the service provider’s end-customers. It also enables providers to collapse multiple network functions, the core and the border, into a single device for efficient resource utilization. With its programmable architecture, the Brocade MLXe Series ensures investment protection by providing a cost-effective way to enable new service capabilities as business needs change.