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Service providers that embrace public cloud services can deliver additional, value-added services and capitalize on new revenue opportunities.

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Creating an “as a service” business is difficult, and building a network infrastructure that is scalable and resilient while managing capital and operating expenses can be a very significant challenge.

Brocade has helped cloud service providers large and small meet these challenges with industry-leading technologies and an industry-changing hardware acquisition methodology.

Building on Brocade VDX® switches with Brocade VCS® Fabric technology has enabled cloud service providers to build networks that scale without disruption. This highly automated Ethernet fabric reduces network complexity and enables you to add services on demand and reduce costs associated with network changes and additions. Coupled with Brocade Network Subscription, a pay-as-you-go acquisition model, Brocade can help you meet your networking challenges with the flexibility you require.

Peak Colo, based in Denver, CO has rapidly expanded their footprint by adding multiple datacenters to broaden their customer reach. Standardizing on Brocade has enabled them to meet the high demands of their customers.

“We wanted a network infrastructure that could accommodate our explosive growth and ever-increasing client demands, while providing that in a secure, high-performance environment. We looked at what we needed to support our business and our clients into the future, and Brocade provided that with minimum disruption and maximum capabilities.”

- John Palley
Chief Operating Officer
Peak Colo

Brocade Ethernet Fabric | Brocade SAN Fabric

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EMC VSPEX with Brocade Networking Solution for PRIVATE CLOUD - VMware vSphere 5.1 for up to 100 Virtual Machines.


Brocade has made cloud-optimized networking a major part of its overall market strategy with the ServerIron ADX series of application delivery controllers. By accepted industry standards, this product set has traditionally offered excellent scalability and reliability. With the recent software release, the company's goal is to give cloud providers greater application control, customization, and scalability for the services they create.


Brocade Network Subscription is a new acquisition model aimed at today’s environment of economic and technological uncertainty.


This paper provides an overview of SDN, its expected role in cloud-optimized networks, and how Brocade is implementing SDN vertically and across its portfolio to provide users with a truly open cloud-optimized network, built on a resilient, automated fabric foundation.