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Federal Government

Federal Government

Achieving agency missions becomes harder and more complex every minute. But with less money in the budget, many agencies are stuck between the need to deliver new services and the cost of supporting old infrastructure. To break the cycle of dependence on proprietary systems and endless service contracts, agencies need simpler, widely compatible network infrastructure that empowers IT and accelerates mission performance.

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Brocade Federal networking solutions are....

...easy to implement and manage—because agencies should spend less time managing their IT infrastructures and more time accomplishing their missions.

...based on open industry standards and interoperability, providing compatibility with other leading vendor solutions represented in an agency's IT infrastructure.

...built on years of data center experience and expertise to deliver innovative networking solutions that specifically address modern IT requirements.

...focused on the bottom line by placing a high priority on delivering great value and a strong ROI.

...designed to help agencies update their networks in small incremental steps—reducing dependence on proprietary standards and vendor lock-in while maximizing existing investments.