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Data centers are rapidly evolving to better meet the needs of business. Brocade offers a complete data center networking portfolio that provides the foundation for addressing critical business objectives.

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Converged Networking
The rapid increase in server virtualization is creating tremendous complexity at the server-edge of the data center, necessitating new technologies and architectures to address issues such as server I/O bottlenecks and cable sprawl. This problem is likely to increase as the density of virtual machines per physical server steadily increases over time.

The networking industry has responded to these challenges through the development of converged networking technologies that combine traditional Ethernet and storage traffic over a single "wire." Brocade has taken a leadership position within the industry by helping to create standards that have so far resulted in the development of Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) and Data Center Bridging (DCB) technology standards. These technologies offer the promise of simplifying data center cabling configurations without disrupting existing Fibre Channel installations, because they preserve existing constructs and management tools.

Brocade has been able to achieve its leadership position in converged networking by:

  • Maintaining the largest SAN install base in the industry, which enables a seamless, evolutionary integration between converged networks and Fibre Channel SANs
  • Offering the industry's most comprehensive converged network portfolio with adapters, embedded switches for blade servers, and a variety of fixed switch and modular line card options
  • Working with an extensive partner ecosystem composed of leading systems, blade server, storage system, application, and management tool vendors

Converged networking is not necessarily the right choice for all organizations' evolving data center architectures. However, by working with Brocade, organizations can access the most diverse, best-in-class solutions and technology options available.