Solutions & Technology

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Application Delivery

Brocade solutions optimize application delivery in enterprise environments.

Big Data

Brocade offers high-performance Ethernet fabrics as the framework for your Big Data solution.

Bring Your Own Device

The Brocade BYOD solution delivers a solid foundation for bring-your-own-device initiatives.

Business Continuity

Highly reliable Brocade solutions facilitate continuous business operations.

High Performance Computing

Brocade offers highly scalable, low-latency solutions for HPC environments.

IP Storage Networks

Brocade provides storage network architectures that are optimized for modern storage solutions.


Brocade wireless solutions provide fast, reliable data access for mobile users.

Network Security and Data Privacy

Brocade provides solutions that help protect organizations from vulnerabilities that might cause downtime, expose them to compliance issues, or compromise the integrity and privacy of their data.

Unified Communications

Brocade provides fast, reliable network connectivity for VoIP and UC services.

Cloud Service Provider

Brocade delivers public cloud services that can deliver additional, value-added services and capitalize on new revenue opportunities.

Data Center Interconnect

Brocade data center interconnect solution provides a scalable and high-performance network to enable innovative service delivery, while also ensuring data privacy and maximizing the value of the network.

ISPs and IXPs

High-capacity Brocade solutions power the world's largest IXPs. Low-latency Brocade networks help streamline content distribution for ISPs.

Network Visibility & Analytics

Brocade delivers a solution that combines telemetry and analytics processing with unprecedented scalability and response.

Metro Ethernet

Brocade solutions help maintain price-performance leadership and investment protection in the face of increased bandwidth requirements.

For Your Industry

Brocade understands the importance of meeting the unique requirements of different types of organizations.

Brocade Technology & Architecture

Brocade VCS Technology

Innovative Brocade VCS™ technology helps organizations flatten their networks to reduce both complexity and cost. This unique technology brings the first Ethernet fabric architectures to the data center, enabling cloud-optimized networking and a wide range of business advantages.

SAN Fabric Technology

The Fibre Channel protocol and Brocade have been intimately connected since the development of the first Brocade Fibre Channel platforms over 15 years ago. Today, organizations worldwide rely on Brocade Gen 5 Fibre Channel (16 Gbps) Storage Area Network (SAN) solutions in their mission-critical data centers to deliver unmatched reliability, simplicity, and performance.

Ethernet Fabric

Compared to classic hierarchical Ethernet architectures, Ethernet fabrics provide higher levels of performance, utilization, availability, and operational simplicity to meet the business needs of virtualized data centers today and into the future.


Brocade develops and enhances Ethernet networking technologies that address today's business requirements and provide a future-proof foundation for continued growth.


With more than a decade of research and development in IPv6 networking, Brocade has developed a non-disruptive set of solutions to completely transition or simultaneously support both IPv4 and IPv6 protocols. To address the needs for security and manageability, often overlooked by many networking vendors, Brocade supports extended security features for IPv6, as well as embedded sFlow technology.

Standards Leadership

By investing in new technologies and interoperability labs, Brocade leads the way in standards development and facilitates end-to-end interoperability in heterogeneous environments.


Brocade offers the highest level of fabric switching and device compatibility, helping organizations maximize the value of their network infrastructure investments.

Software-Defined Networking

Traditional networks and data centers are being stretched to their limits. They were never designed for today's astronomical growth in bandwidth-intensive applications–and the growing demand for speed, scalability, and resilience. Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is a powerful new network paradigm designed to address these issues. Brocade leads the way in SDN technologies to help unleash the power, intelligence, and analytics of networks with a flexible, end-to-end cloud-based solution.


It’s easy to see why enterprises are moving toward cloud infrastructures. Transitioning to a cloud computing environment promises many benefits, including greater economies of scale and greater flexibility to adopt new application workloads. OpenStack is an open-source software that delivers a massively scalable cloud operating system designed to enable end-to-end data center orchestration.