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Network Security and Data Privacy

Network Security and Data Privacy

With the network critical for continued business operations and growth and the volume and variety of data across it providing an ever more complete view into an organization or individual, the need to ensure data security and privacy in the network is increasingly important. Brocade provides solutions that help protect organizations from vulnerabilities that might cause downtime,expose them to compliance issues, or compromise the integrity and privacy of their data.

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Ensuring End-to-End Data Privacy

For organizations and businesses of all types, ensuring data privacy and controlling the digital footprint is at the forefront of current concerns. Almost daily, the news reports a new data breach, with cases appearing in organizations of all types: the public sector, small business, large enterprises, and service providers.

For enterprises, compliance requirements and the costs (both financial and to one’s reputation) to identify and remedy data breaches are top concerns, as they impact the success of their business. With customers demanding more assurance that their data in-flight is secure from prying eyes, service providers are looking for ways to meet this demand and differentiate their service offerings.


Individuals and organizations have always needed to keep certain digital information private. It is often assumed that attacks are primarily of criminal origin and targeted in nature, and that they require advanced expertise and resources, such as when tens of millions of credit card records were breached from a major retailer. Strong encryption is considered the gold standard for protecting against such breaches of data.

Yet, while encryption provides significant data protection, traditionally it has not been seamless to deploy, and comes with a high cost and reduced performance. With end-user service level expectations growing, enterprise IT and service providers cannot afford to have encryption degrade network performance. That, coupled with a false sense of security around private network infrastructure, has led to applications for only specific traffic on public or wireless networks. However, recent events have shown that it is not just criminals out for financial gain or hackers out for a thrill who compromise data privacy. Increasingly even the metadata of individual encrypted application flows and unencrypted private network links expose vulnerabilities in ensuring end-to-end data privacy.


With the increasing focus around data security and privacy, encrypting more traffic across the network and in the cloud is a priority for many organizations. However, a new model is needed to support scale-out site-to-site encryption for larger locations that require high-performance hardware-based encryption and for smaller sites that need a robust, low-cost, flexible solution to support VPN over the Internet.

The Brocade data privacy solution provides just such a model, challenging the common belief that ensuring data privacy in the network is costly and complex, and compromises network performance. Organizations can now more easily deploy an end-to end encryption solution using standards-based strong encryption that is built into the physical or virtual switch and router. Brocade solutions provide both site-to-site (using IPsec) and hop-by-hop (MACsec) encryption supported in hardware, delivering wire-speed performance for encrypted traffic up to 1 Tbps in a single router, ensuring privacy for all data on all links, with no performance degradation.

The Brocade solution consists of multiple products optimized for the enterprise and public sector campus, enterprise and service provider data center, and workloads deployed in cloud providers or remote offices. These products support industry-standard IPsec and MACsec encryption, and integrate with existing standard key management and distribution configurations, enabling end-to-end deployments supporting a variety of data security and privacy needs. IPsec provides a cost-effective, scalable solution for the environments that need a secure, economical, and proven way to connect data centers, remote sites, employees, and business partners across any IP network where the physical network is not under their control. MACsec proves ideal within the campus where the physical network is owned, providing for fast, low-latency, easy-to-deploy encryption while enabling policy to be applied to network traffic at the switch or router level.

Brocade MLX Series Routers

Brocade MLX Series Routers

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Brocade ICX 6610 Switches

Brocade ICX 6610 Switches

Chassis-like capabilities in a stackable form factor with MACsec encryption Brocade Assurance Limited Lifetime Warranty

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Brocade Vyatta vRouter

Advanced routing and security functionality for physical, virtual, and cloud networking environments

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