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Network Monitoring Service

Brocade® Network Monitoring Service (NMS) utilizes secure network architecture for proactive, around-the-clock remote monitoring on end-to-end SAN and IP network infrastructures. At the core of Brocade® NMS is our global support network, enabling 24x7x365 fully automated and ongoing collection of the data utilized by our experienced support engineers to achieve maximum availability. Through this proactive and predictive service, Brocade® provides the information and business intelligence organizations need to maximize network availability and performance, optimize resources, and reduce or avoid downtime.

Important Note: Customers who have already purchased NMS from Brocade® can access their analytics suite via the MyBrocade Support portal

Did you know? NMS reduces average Time To Resolve (TTR) issues as well as the number of critical/high-severity cases by up to 50 percent

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In today's business and economic climate, organizations need capabilities that help them be more efficient, meet higher Service Level Agreements (SLAs), and reduce operating costs. Brocade® NMS gives organizations the business intelligence to optimize resources and proactively manage their increasingly complex and dynamic environments.

The aim of Brocade® NMS is providing proactive and predictive support that enables our customers to take full advantage of their investments in Brocade® products and services. Our goal is to accelerate the support cycle of problem detection through resolution (Time To Resolve) as well as to provide predictive insight into future performance impacts, expansion and upgrade needs.


One-way SNMP trap forwarding and filtering.
Service Request (SR) creation for predefined alerts (SNMP traps) means that Brocade® can see an issue and respond before customers are even aware of the event.


Two-way SNMP polling to ensure connectivity.
Environmental thresholds and customizable thresholds unique to your environment (coming soon).
Service Request (SR) creation for connectivity or environment threshold exceptions.


Remote access via Secure Shell to accelerate diagnostic data collections, reducing the customer burden of capturing and exporting diagnostic data back to Brocade®.


Brocade® NMS goes beyond network monitoring and real-time alerts by including a suite of advanced and predictive analytic capabilities. Accessible via the MyBrocade support portal or via customized email reports, these advanced analytics are predictive enablers that allow customers to forecast their future needs, baseline and optimize performance, set, track and manage to customer defined Service Level Agreements (SLAs), and provide comprehensive, automatically updated inventory of the resources that comprise your network. The real-time dashboard provides the ability to easily see what is happening and gives customers the insight needed to be proactive, predictive, and transparent in the management of their networks.

Common uses of Brocade® NMS Advanced/Predictive Analytics include:

  • Capacity planning: Analyze utilization and prepare throughput reports to determine how resources are being used and deployed; provides an early warning for the need to expand infrastructure while ensuring network resources are optimized before additional expenditures are made.
  • Verification: Leverages retransmission and percent error packet reports to ensure that an implementation is not negatively impacting the network; helps validate solution design, implementation and whether there is sufficient bandwidth to support all applications.
  • Comparison: Compare expected and actual resource utilization statistics before and after configuration changes to determine the impact on data center fabrics; verifies that the predicted effects of planned changes actually took place and that unintended consequences were not created.
  • Trending: Leverage usage and traffic reports over time to provide the trending information needed to forecast growth requirements and assist in future capacity planning.
  • Problem resolution: In depth analysis of traffic usage and effort reports to pinpoint issues and achieve faster problem resolution; can reduce downtime in the case of an actual event.


Brocade® understands that our customers and their associated industries have different and often unique connectivity and security requirements. Brocade® NMS is not a 'one-size-fits-all' solution. Our service is engineered to align to virtually any industry specific requirements for access control, audit, compliance and AAA (Authorization, Access, and Accounting) needs.

More than just a monitoring tool, Brocade® NMS is a comprehensive service that offers organizations the 'peace of mind' that uptime is maximized, downtime is minimized, and performance is optimized.