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IP Network Infrastructure

Today’s organizations have increased the demands on their network infrastructures, requiring higher levels of performance, availability, and scalability to take advantage of new IP-based technologies. To increase efficiency and reduce costs, these organizations need intelligent networks that effectively utilize available bandwidth capacity, manage data traffic flow, and ensure network security.

As the industry’s leading data center networking solutions provider, Brocade has the experience to help organizations deploy highly scalable, highly reliable, and high-performance next-generation network infrastructures.

Brocade offers end-to-end services that help organizations:

  • Design best-in-class network environments with flexibility for future growth
  • Optimize network performance to address increased data traffic and data growth
  • Deploy carrier and service provider, enterprise and campus, data center, and converged Layer 2 through Layer 7 infrastructure
  • Implement best practices to optimize network configuration and management practices
  • Protect investments in existing networks
  • Utilize leading-edge technologies and deep technical expertise to build sustainable and highly-available next-generation networks

Build Your Own Ethernet Fabric

Build Your Own Ethernet Fabric

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Optimizing Existing IP Networks While Planning for Efficient Growth

IP Network Infrastructures

IP Network Infrastructure Resources

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This business-level white paper describes how Brocade Professional Services can help organizations optimize their existing networks while transitioning to a dynamic next-generation IP network infrastructure.


This technical-level white paper discusses Brocade networking best practices that allow our customers to take control of their IP Networks and focus on their core business.