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International Telephone Numbers

For toll-free access to Brocade Support, dial the number listed next to your country. For all other countries, use

Country Telephone Numbers
Belgium 0800 81207
Denmark 8034 7643
France 0805 540900
Germany 0800 5894014
Ireland 1800 812550
Italy 800 917990
Netherlands 0800 0200166
Portugal 800 208848
Spain 900 814329
Sweden 020 1605926
Switzerland 0800 002383
United Kingdom 0800 1690405

Having problems reaching us?

Unfortunately, toll-free service is not available from every phone worldwide.

If you are having trouble reaching us on the number shown above for your country, please try calling us +800 28 34 27 33 (our Universal International Freephone Number) or use another phone to place your call (preferably a landline). If you are still having trouble, please contact us at +1-408-333-6061 (note: this number is not toll-free).

The Technical Assistance Center (TAC) now includes voice prompts in multiple languages. Please dial the applicable toll-free or in-country number listed above, and follow these prompts for your specific language.

For all non-English speaking languages, press 2, then press the number below for your particular language:

Japanese Press 1
Mandarin Press 2
Korean Press 3
Spanish Press 4
French Press 5
German Press 6
Italian Press 7
Dutch Press 8
For All Other Languages Press 9