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Brocade SAN Health

Quickly gain an accurate view of your SAN environment by downloading and running the free SAN Health Diagnostics Capture utility and SAN Health Professional framework.

As a result, you will be able to perform key tasks such as:

  • Taking inventory of devices, switches, firmware versions, and SAN fabrics
  • Capturing and displaying historical performance data
  • Comparing zoning and switch configurations against best practices
  • Assessing performance statistics and error conditions
  • Producing detailed graphical reports and diagrams

If you would like to leverage the expertise of the world's leading SAN professionals with interpretation of your SAN Health report, the Brocade SAN Health Expert Professional Services offering could be the right fit for your organization. Please write to for more information on Brocade Professional Services.

Brocade SAN Health Diagnostics Capture
This free utility generates diagnostic reports about your SAN environment.


Download version 4.0 to take advantage of these features and functionality

  • Support for Cisco MDS and Nexus switches
  • Detailed reporting and migration assistance for all legacy Brocade M-Series and Mi10k fabrics
  • Enhanced topology diagram layouts
  • More detailed diagnostics information obtained from switches
  • A redesign of the report content and layout
  • FICON enhancements for mainframe environments

Download SAN Health Diagnostic Capture >

Brocade SAN Health Professional
This free framework leverages SAN Health Diagnostics Capture reports, enabling you to audit the reports in detail, utilizing advanced search functionality and inventory tracking

Download SAN Health Professional >


The SAN Health family gives you powerful tools that help you focus on optimizing your SAN rather than manually tracking its components. A wide variety of useful features make it easier for you to collect data, identify potential issues, and check your results over time. As a result, you can greatly increase your productivity while enhancing your SAN operations.

Time-saving Reports
To provide a comprehensive report about your SAN environment, the free SAN Health Diagnostics Capture utility utilizes a data capture application and a back-end report processing engine. After it captures switch diagnostic data, the utility automatically generates a Visio topology diagram and a detailed "snapshot" report. This report contains summary information as well as specific details about SAN fabrics, switches, and individual ports. Other useful items include alerts, historical performance graphs, and recommended best practices.

Enhanced Change Tracking
Because it provides a point-in-time snapshot of your SAN, SAN Health Diagnostics Capture can be invaluable to your change-tracking process. For instance, you can use it to track traffic pattern changes in weekly or monthly increments. And with a built-in scheduler, you can run it after primary business hours for added safety and convenience.

Begin Your SAN Analysis Today
Whether you're a Brocade customer or Brocade Partner, you can download the SAN Health Diagnostics Capture utility and SAN Health Professional for free.

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