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Open Source Code

You can click on any Brocade product listed below to access the source code software files for open source software included in that product. These software files are provided in accordance with the terms of the licenses pertaining to such files.

EFCM End User License Agreement and Supplemental Terms (PDF)
Former McDATA Embedded Operating System End User License Agreement (PDF)
Former McDATA 6000 Series & Sphereon Products Supplemental Terms (PDF)
Former McDATA i10K Supplemental Terms (PDF)
Former McDATA Eclipse Products Supplemental Terms (PDF)
iSNAP Software Driver End User License Agreement and Supplemental Terms (PDF)
SMI-S Interface Software End User License Agreement and Supplemental Terms (PDF)
UltraNet ConfigManager End User License Agreement (PDF) and Supplemental Terms (PDF)
Vyatta Subscription Edition (VSE) Source Code
StorageX and StorageX Migration Edition v6.1
StorageX 6.0
BigIron RX 02.7.02
FastIron CX 06.0.00
FastIron SX 05.0.00A
FastIron 07.4.00
FastIron 07.0.00
NetIron 04.1.00
NetIron CES 03.8.00C
NetIron 05.0.00
NetIron XMR/MLX 04.0.00B
ServerIron 12.5.00
TurboIron TX 04.1.00
Flow Optimizer 1.0.0
Network Advisor 12.4.0
Network Advisor 12.3.4
Network Advisor 12.3.3
Network Advisor 12.3.2 (updated 11/19/14)
Network Advisor 12.3.1
Network Advisor 12.3.0
Network Advisor 12.2.0
Network Advisor 12.1.6
Network Advisor 12.2.0
Network Advisor 12.1.6
Network Advisor 12.1.4
Network Advisor 12.1.0 (updated 8/20/13)
Network Advisor 12.0.3
Network Advisor 12.0.2 (updated 4/1/13)
Network Advisor 12.0.1 (updated 4/1/13)
Network Advisor 12.0.0 (updated 4/1/13)
Network Advisor 11.3.0 (updated 2/6/13)
Network Advisor 11.2.1 (updated 4/20/12)
Network Advisor 11.2.0
Network Advisor 11.1.3
Network Advisor 11.1.1 (updated 8/15/11)
Network Advisor 11.1.0 (updated 8/15/11)
Network Advisor 11.0.0
Network Operating System 6.0.0
Network Operating System 5.0.0
Network Operating System 4.1.0
Network Operating System 4.0.0
Network Operating System 3.0.0 (updated 11/08/12)
Network Operating System 2.1.1 (updated 8/24/12)
Network Operating System 2.1.0 (updated 8/24/12)
Network Operating System 2.0.0 (updated 8/24/12)
DCFM v10.4.0
DCFM v10.3.3
DCFM v10.3.0
DCFM v10.2.0
DCFM v10.1.0
DCFM v10.0.2
DCFM v10.0.0
Fabric Operating System v7.3.0
Fabric Operating System v7.2.0
Fabric Operating System v7.1.0
Fabric Operating System v7.0.1
Fabric Operating System v7.0.0 (updated 2/3/12)
Fabric Operating System v6.4.0 (updated 11/17/11)
Fabric Operating System v6.3.1 CEE
Fabric Operating System v6.3.1 DCB
Fabric Operating System v6.3.0
Fabric Operating System v6.2.0
Fabric Operating System v6.1.2_cee
Fabric Operating System v6.1.1_enc
Fabric Operating System v6.1.0
Fabric Operating System v6.0.0
Fabric Operating System v5.3.0 (updated May 12, 2010)
Fabric Operating System v5.2.1
Fabric Operating System v5.2.0
Fabric Operating System v5.1.0
Fabric Operating System v5.0.1
Fabric Operating System v5.0.0
Fabric Manager v5.5.0
Fabric Manager v5.4.0
Fabric Manager v5.3.0 (updated June 13, 2007)
Fabric Manager v5.2.0
Fabric Manager v5.1.0 (updated July 21, 2006)
SMI Agent version 110.3.0
XPATH OS v7.4.0