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Brocade NET Health

Brocade NET Health is an easy-to-use network discovery, audit, and health checking application for Brocade network switches. It is available at no cost to all Brocade customers and partners.

A Powerful but Easy-to-Use Tool
Brocade NET Health is a powerful, free-of-charge tool that helps you automate the process of optimizing your Brocade networks rather than having to manually track all the devices. Designed to run efficiently and provide easy-to-understand reports, this tool enables you to:

  • Capture a point-in-time snapshot of your network environment with minimal effort
  • Audit your network to easily track changes
  • Check health parameters of your Brocade switches
  • Make more proactive decisions to optimize your network

How Brocade NET Health Works
To run Brocade NET Health, you need a workstation with IP access and user credentials for the devices you want to audit. The tool’s interaction with the devices is non-intrusive, and data collection takes approximately two to five minutes per device. (Brocade NET Health uses http, telnet, and ssh ports.)

For greater efficiency, you can schedule audits to run in the background. All audits are cumulative, in that multiple collection agents at different sites can be aggregated into a single file/report.

Download the Tool
Download the latest version of Brocade NET Health.

Upload Your .NETHealth File
The result of running the Brocade NET Health tool is a generated .NETHealth audit file.

To get the full diagnostics for the audit, you can e-mail the .NETHealth file as an attachment to Or you can submit the file via the upload page.

After Brocade processes your file, you will receive an e-mail with instructions to download the final report from your secure MyBrocade or Brocade Partner Network account. If you do not have a MyBrocade or Partner Network account, Brocade NET Health will automatically register you for access. Please allow five business days to get your report.

Provide Feedback and Request New Features
Brocade NET Health provides a framework for discovery and reporting that is designed for continual enhancement. If you have any feedback or requests for enhancements, send them to


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