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Brocade BigIron RX Series

The Brocade BigIron RX Series of switches provides over one billion packet-per-second performance for cost-effective scaling in data center deployments, with hardware-based IP routing to 512,000 IP routes per line module. The high-availability design features redundant and hot-pluggable hardware, hitless software upgrades and failover, sub-second link/node failover, and graceful BGP and OSPF restart.

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The role of data networks in our daily lives continues to expand and grow. Emerging needs such as application convergence, non-stop operation, scalability, and IPv6-readiness place new demands on the network. Modern network solutions must be assessed across a wider set of attributes than earlier-generation equipment. In particular, the network must be evaluated on merits that include performance, reliability, scalability, Quality of Service (QoS), security, and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

The Brocade BigIron RX Series of Layer 2/3 Ethernet switches excels in all of these areas, enabling network designers to deploy an Ethernet infrastructure that addresses today's requirements with a scalable and future-ready architecture that will support network growth and evolution for years to come. The BigIron RX Series incorporates the latest advances in switch architecture, system resilience, QoS, and switch security in a family of modular chassis, setting industry-leading benchmarks for price/performance, scalability, and TCO.

Available in three chassis models, the BigIron RX Series provides network designers with high-density switching options for data center server access, aggregation, and core tiers. The BigIron RX Series, with its compact design, is an ideal IP solution for data mining and high-performance computing environments, where non-blocking, high-density Ethernet switches are needed.

All three BigIron RX systems are designed for non-stop operation, supporting 1:1 management module redundancy, N+1 switch module redundancy, M+N power module redundancy, and N+1 fan redundancy. Additionally, the BigIron RX Series supports hitless software upgrades and failover, sub-second link/node failover, and graceful restart routing for fast convergence in the event of a management module failure.

At the heart of the BigIron RX architecture is an adaptive self-routing Clos switch fabric with a Virtual Output Queue (VOQ) design. This non-blocking architecture is optimized for maximum throughput and low latency for all size packets. In addition, Multi-Chassis Trunking (MCT) capabilities, which provide sub-second link and node failover, will be available for purchase the first half of 2012. Scalable to over one billion packets per second, the BigIron RX Series is the most powerful Ethernet switch family in its class. This advanced and scalable design ensures the reliable delivery of all IP-based voice, video, and data applications.

BigIron RX Series switches ship with field-proven Brocade IronWare networking software and Brocade IronShield security, embedded sFlow per port, advanced Ethernet switching, IPv4/IPv6 routing, and multilayer security services. The BigIron RX Series enables a user to deploy a reliable, secure, and scalable networking solution today that is ready to accommodate tomorrow's applications and technologies.

Brocade BigIron RX Series

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This guide describes the software features supported on the BigIron RX Series Switch and the CLI commands used to configure them.


This guide describes the BigIron RX Series Switch. It provides procedures for installing the interface modules, power supplies, and other components of the switch.


This document contains the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Management Information Base (MIB) objects that are supported on devices.