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Brocade SteelApp Web Content Accelerator

  • Brocade SteelApp Web Content Accelerator

Brocade SteelApp Web Accelerator software extends Application Delivery Controller scalability and reliability for enterprise and web applications to end users. It accelerates page load times up to four times for public websites and applications, and improves the business results from a huge range of Web-based services including Microsoft SharePoint, public Web sites, intranet portals, and cloud applications.

Brocade SteelApp Web Accelerator delivers “just-in-time” acceleration for Web content served out to users across networks regardless of access device or browser used. Users benefit with a quality experience, developers benefit from the lack of troubleshooting headaches, and the organization as a whole benefits from improved results for a wide range of Web-based applications, including Microsoft SharePoint, public websites, intranet portals, and cloud apps.

Automated Web Content Optimization

To manually optimize Web applications in a way that comes close to the Brocade SteelApp Aptimizer usually takes weeks or months, and is complex, tedious, and costly. Most organizations would rather invest in adding new features than pursue manual approaches when optimization can be done automatically.

Content Optimization for Mobile Devices

Web content optimization techniques now extend to mobile devices and all the popular browsers seen on platforms such as Android, iOS, Opera Mini/Mobile, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile.

Performance Benefits:

  • Reduces page load times from 33 percent to 75 percent
  • Reduces data traffic and content delivery costs
  • Features automatic tuning with optional “expert” mode
  • Is a software and virtual appliance solution, no extra hardware or code changes required
  • Accelerates Web performance for mobile devices
  • Supports specific profiles, including Microsoft SharePoint