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Brocade SteelApp Traffic Manager

  • Brocade SteelApp Traffic Manager

The Brocade SteelApp Traffic Manager is a software-based Layer 7 application delivery controller designed to deliver faster, high performance user experience, with more reliable access to public websites and enterprise applications, whether they run in a public cloud, private cloud, or virtualized environment, while maximizing the efficiency and capacity of web and application servers.

User expectations for application performance continue to increase as the speed at which online shoppers complete a transaction or employees access an enterprise application directly impacts revenue and productivity. Everyone expects instant response from Web sites and Web applications, and the longer they take to deliver, the more revenue, awareness, collaboration, and productivity the organization loses. The interface between networks and applications is growing more complex, requiring applications to know more about the user, device, and network characteristics to perform optimally. To meet this demand, application developers and operators are seeking new tools that give them the visibility, control, and performance.

The Brocade SteelApp Traffic Manager is an application delivery controller and is the industry’s only complete software-based Layer 7 ADC with integrated Web Content Optimization (WCO) capability, freeing applications from the constraints of traditional hardware-based load balancers.

While traditional application delivery controllers have only focused on delivering scalability and reliability for enterprise and Web applications within the data center, Brocade builds on this functionality to deliver accelerated applications from any data center, private cloud, or public cloud.

The Brocade SteelApp Traffic Manager is available in a range of performance profiles and can be enhanced with two add-on components to optimize content and secure online applications:

  • The Brocade SteelApp Web Accelerator uses industry-leading WCO technology to accelerate Web page load times up to four times faster, driving more transactions, productivity, and user satisfaction.
  • The Brocade SteelApp Web Application Firewall is a sophisticated, application-aware application firewall for deep application security in the private or public cloud.

Key features of the Brocade SteelApp Traffic Manager include:

  • Intelligent load-balancing
  • Application acceleration
  • Dynamic content caching
  • SSL and compression offload
  • Service-level monitoring
  • Global load-balancing
  • Bandwidth management
  • Cloud bursting and balancing
  • Service automation using REST API