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Technology Alliance Partner Program

As a provider of industry-leading networking solutions, Brocade recognizes the benefits that a joint technology partnership can bring to our customers. That’s why Brocade has created the Technology Alliance Partner Program (TAPP) with the mission of building new business opportunities and long-term partnerships that enable us to deliver comprehensive and proven best-of-breed technology solutions to our shared markets.

From enterprise data centers to the service provider core, Brocade® develops extraordinary networking solutions that connect the world’s most important information. Delivered directly and through global partners, these solutions help today’s data-intensive organizations operate more efficiently and maximize the business value of their data.

The Brocade Technology Alliance Partner Program delivers best-in-class solutions with industry-leading companies who, by partnering with Brocade, can:

  • Offer customers a comprehensive, integrated, and simplified solution
  • Extend the sales and market reach of our two organizations
  • Co-market solutions through branding, awareness, and lead-generation activities.
  • Jointly sell solutions more effectively by facilitating strategic sales engagements
  • Deliver complementary solutions that are validated through interoperability testing
  • Build a team for Q/A testing, technical liaison, and sales support

The Brocade Technology Alliance Partner Program offers extensive benefits, including:

  • Joint interoperability validation
  • Joint marketing opportunities
  • Partner and field communication opportunities
  • Technology and technical support resources
  • Realization of business goals

The Brocade Technology Alliance Partner Program offers a tiered program with three levels of alliance membership - Global Alliance Partners, Strategic Alliance Partners, or Advantage Alliance Partners. Each level provides an increasing number of benefits and commitment from Brocade.

The Technology Alliance Partner Program also includes the Developer Partner Program, which is specifically designed to help promote products complimentary to Brocade by helping developers perform compatibility testing with Brocade products and create applications utilizing Brocade tools.

Partner Directory

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