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Brocade and VMware Technology Alliance

VMware is the leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure solutions that enable businesses to benefit from cloud computing. Brocade and VMware have developed the Brocade VCS Gateway for NSX that enables enterprises to leverage both virtual and physical hardware architectures for a seamless transition to software-defined networking. Brocade and VMware virtualization technologies provide a top-shelf selection of features and products that will help organizations achieve a fully virtualized data center.


Partnership and Collaboration

Brocade high-performance networks supports server virtualization and its logical extension, utility computing, or private cloud computing. Brocade helps companies maximize the benefits of virtualization through centralized, VM-aware networks, SAN management, and network services. Brocade networks provide scalability, which increases IT asset consolidation while improving return on investment. With the Brocade VCS Gateway for NSX, Brocade has further enhanced customer benefits with VMware virtual computing. The combined strengths of Brocade and VMware deliver significant benefits for small, medium, and large enterprises across all industries and sectors.

Benefits of joint Brocade and VMware Solutions

  • The ability to unite and optimize physical and virtual assets to deliver the maximum automation, efficiency, and resource scalability for cloud architectures and the On-Demand Data Center.
  • Proven interoperability through standards-based integration and certification testing.
  • A virtualized network infrastructure that greatly extends a virtualized server environment to support VM mobility (DR, HA, FT), mixed workloads, and I/O and security SLAs; supporting higher consolidation with lower risk.
  • Maximum value through rapid ROI, lower ownership costs, and a system that scales with business.

Brocade and VMware Joint VCS Gateway for NSX (VXLAN)
Cloud architectures were initially built to virtualize servers, which provided various benefits including operational efficiency and business agility. However, customers deploying cloud architecture start facing roadblocks due to traditional network architectures. Through the Brocade VCS Gateway for NSX, Brocade enables enterprises to leverage both virtual and physical hardware architectures for a seamless transition to software-defined networking.

  • Physical devices can now be connected to a virtual overlay network using the Brocade VCS Gateway for NSX, unifying the best of both physical and virtual networks.
  • Brocade supports the customer input and encourages an overlay-based solution in addition to device-based solutions.
  • Brocade supports VXLAN, which is a solution to traditional network architecture inflexibility by providing network virtualization for cloud architectures through overlays.

To learn more:

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  • Read the latest Press Release on the Brocade VCS Gateway for NSX

Brocade SAN Analytics Pack for vCOPS
Brocade and VMware are collaborating on a solution that increases visibility into the infrastructure, improving management, preventing issues, and optimizing resources. The Brocade SAN Analytics Pack integrated into vCenter Operations Management Suite enables IT organizations to obtain greater visibility and actionable intelligence to proactively ensure service levels, optimum resource usage, and configuration compliance in dynamic virtual and cloud environments. Brocade Fabric Vision technology is the foundation of the Brocade SAN Analytics Pack, delivering:

  • Maximized performance, and reduced costs through innovative diagnostic, monitoring, and management capabilities
  • A health and performance dashboard, faster problem identification, and trend analysis
  • Reduced downtime risk through network health, reliability, and performance validation prior to and after deployment

Brocade San Content Pack For Vmware Vcenter Log Insight
Brocade has worked closely with VMware to offer deeper investigation capabilities for root-cause analysis and remediation of SANs in virtualized environments. The Brocade SAN Content Pack eliminates noise from millions of events and amplifies critical SAN alerts to accelerate troubleshooting with actionable analytics. Faster troubleshooting provides time to proactively drive value of IT resources. Leveraging Brocade Fabric Vision technology, provides deeper knowledge of the behavior and health of Brocade SAN fabrics over time in order to identify and remediate patterns impacting VM performance and application responsiveness.

The Brocade SAN Content Pack provides:

  • 15 years of Brocade experience built-in for faster resolution of networking issues, reducing downtime and IT costs while improving operational efficiency
  • Intelligently classified events in-context within the VMware vCenter Log Insight dashboards
  • Pre-defined queries, alerts, and fields that can be customized to specific environments, offering both simplicity and flexibility
  • Brocade Fabric Vision Technology integration, which increases visibility of issues across the SAN network and saves valuable time

Brocade and VMware Joint Validated VDI Solution
A virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) offers numerous benefits to organizations of all sizes. The Brocade-VMware solution deploys VMware's innovative virtual end-user computing on the Brocade VDX family of data center switches and Ethernet fabric, with converged network adapters (CNA) on the servers. VMware View enhances the reliability, availability, and security of the virtual desktops being deployed. The security server includes a PCoIP secure gateway to enhance desktop security. The high-performance Ethernet fabric is critical to delivering the required response times when virtual desktops are started in the ESX servers and when the applications process and save data onto the storage arrays. Brocade VDX switches use Brocade VCS Fabric technology to provide a flat, high-performance network that can scale horizontally and seamlessly on demand.

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Brocade and VMware Joint Business Continuity Solution
Today's businesses rely heavily on the digital infrastructure to perform day-to-day activities. The 24×7 availability of the infrastructure is paramount to ensure successful functionality. Brocade, EMC, and VMware have collaborated to build a solution that offers the capability to dynamically migrate applications live across data centers separated by a latency of 10 ms RTT ( about 550 miles) without business interruption, and enhance the availability of the business applications within the data center. The solution of live application mobility relies on the industry-proven VMware Metro vMotion and EMC VPLEX enabled by the Brocade end-to-end storage and IP networking infrastructure.

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Brocade Network Advisor Management Plug-in for VMware vCenter enables proactive SAN monitoring and helps administrators to have the end-to-end visibility. For more information on the Brocade Network Advisor Management Plug-in for VMware vCenter, please contact us at

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