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Brocade and SmartOptics Technology Alliance

Brocade and SmartOptics have partnered together to provide the most technically and commercially advantageous SAN extension solutions. SmartOptics wdm SFPs are plugged directly in to the Brocade Switches / Directors and transported over a passive wdm architecture resulting in a simple and powerful transmission solution. SmartOptics provides the worlds only long distance embedded 8Gbit/s FC transmission system over distance without the need for additional active wdm equipment.


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SmartOptics embedded WDM platform is the ideal solution for customers who need to deploy one or more remote data centers and implement disaster recovery between geographically separate sites. It offers the simplest design and installation solution with no compromise on distance or channel count. It is a purely passive solution, which means no power, noise, or emissions and is therefore a high reliability solution. And as a passive solution, it also contributes to a green data center.

WDM (Wavelength Division Multiplexing) is a technology that enables multiple data channels to be transported through a single fibre pair. It allows customers to save a significant amount of money on fibre rental costs, while still being able to transport all their Storage Area and Wide Area Network (SAN and WAN) traffic.