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Brocade and Crossbeam Technology Alliance

Brocade and Crossbeam have partnered to deliver network security for the Next Generation Data Center. The partnership focuses on providing high performance and massively scalable solutions to support data center consolidation initiatives today, with the ability to keep adapting as the data center evolves to become fully virtualized in the future.


The Brocade and Crossbeam partnership introduces a very unique approach to architecting the next generation data center, one that has been proven by over 1,000 global companies and 16 out of the top 20 fixed and mobile carriers.

This approach accelerates the ability for enterprises to bring together networking and security in order to optimize the data center. This means organizations can focus on the long-term goals of efficiency, without sacrificing the basic requirements such as performance, best-in-class security and resilience.

This solution brings together the Crossbeam X-Series — a portfolio of high performance network security platforms, best-of-breed security applications and Brocades data center framework.

The result is a solution that inspires confidence that their data center is always adaptable, high-performance, reliable and secure. Read about the combined solution.


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