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Brocade and IBM

For over a decade, IBM and Brocade have partnered to successfully deploy thousands of end-to-end server to storage solutions for enterprise data center customers. This joint partnership ensures compatibility with critical ecosystem server and storage platforms, and delivers proven reliability, high performance, and a cost-efficient Fibre Channel and Ethernet fabric architectures.

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IBM and Brocade have integrated both organizations' hardware and software to produce purpose-built customer solutions. These have been validated in lab or customer environments and are available today.

The solutions are:

  • Big Data – For analyzing data in real-time data, as well as data at rest

    Combines powerful analytics software with a robust, scalable networking infrastructure to offer a cost-effective way to unlock value from vast amounts of data.

  • Distance vMotion with IBM SVC Stretched Cluster –  For disaster recovery and business continuity

    Extends customer’s application access to resources beyond one data center. Seamless server/storage failover with VMware up to 300 km between sites.

  • IBM Intelligent Cluster – For High Performance Computing

    Combines all hardware, software, services, and support into a single integrated HPC offering, providing the benefit of a single point of contact for the entire cluster. Factory integrated configurations are delivered ready to run.

  • IBM System z Virtual Tape/ DASD Replication – For solution over distance

    Builds a multisite disaster recovery/business continuity solution and allows virtual tape or DASD replication and/or production traffic between remote data centers.