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Services Add-On Menu

To better address all customer support needs, the Brocade Support portfolio includes an add-on menu of features that supplement base support contracts. The Services Add-On Menu builds on the same principles of proactive and preferential assistance that characterize our base offerings. Each Add-On menu item is sold separately.

Add-On Menu Items


Fast Pass to Expertise*
Accelerated access to expert Brocade engineers
Network Monitoring Service (NMS) Remote Troubleshooting, Fault Management, Proactive Monitoring, and Advanced Analytics
Secure Service Receive replacement products without returning the defective device
Onsite Support Engineer (OSE)
Access to a full-time OSE

*Add-On subject to availability

Fast Pass to Expertise

Fast Pass to Expertise provides customers with Severity Level 1 and Severity Level 2 cases faster access to the most experienced engineers at Brocade.

Network Monitoring Service (NMS)

Brocade Network Monitoring Service (NMS) utilizes a secure network architecture for proactive, around-the-clock remote monitoring of end-to-end SAN and IP network infrastructures. NMS helps organizations significantly reduce downtime, leading to cost savings and increased productivity. Brocade NMS includes four core components that are designed to maximize network availability and performance:

  • Automated Fault Management
  • Proactive Device Monitoring
  • Remote Troubleshooting
  • Advanced Analytics

Secure Service

Secure Service is an add-on to existing support contracts that allows customers to receive replacement products without returning defective products.

Onsite Support Engineer

Brocade Onside Support Engineers (OSEs) are senior technical professionals with in-depth expertise and certifications in Brocade hardware and software products. As focused support contacts for all Brocade solutions, Brocade OSEs facilitate communication, proactively coordinate problem escalation and change activities, accelerate resolution, and improve operational efficiency. These engineers have access to vast Brocade resources and can leverage strategic Brocade partnerships to quickly troubleshoot and resolve issues in complex environments.

For additional details on each of the Services Add-On Menu items please refer to the Services Add-On Menu Data Sheet.

For additional support information including terms and conditions please click here.