Data Center Switches

Brocade data center switches deliver the utmost in simplicity of configuration and management. Built-in VCS Fabric technology delivers key automated features that meet the demands of today’s virtualized and cloud environments.

Automation delivers zero-touch configuration

Configure a new switch simply by plugging it in. Thanks to Brocade VCS Fabric technology, power and a network connection are all you need.

Single touchpoint simplifies management

A few switches. Or a multitude. Our VCS Fabric technology sees them all as a single switch, giving you one management touchpoint for network-wide control.

Software features propel business agility

Our data center switch operating system supports the open, automated, software-driven network environment that heightens business agility. It even incorporates our Vyatta Controller to streamline your journey to SDN.

Data Center Switches

Integrated Brocade VCS Fabric technology lets you manage all your Brocade data center switches as a single logical element, and add switches network-wide without manual configuration. Choose from top-of-rack, fixed form factor, and chassis-based designs.

Brocade VDX 6740 Switches

Enterprise-class Top of Rack (ToR) 1/10/40 GbE port high-performance, low-latency switch for virtualized and cloud environments. Delivers exceptional application performance. Offers ease of management and automated zero-touch provisioning with Brocade VCS fabric technology with or without VDX 6940 and VDX 8770 switches.

Brocade VDX 6940 Switch

Enterprise-class 10/40GbE fixed-form switch that extends Brocade VCS fabric automated provisioning. Features ease of management and high performance in a small footprint—with or without VDX 6740 and VDX 8770 switches—to scale out your virtualized and/or cloud network.

Brocade VDX 8770 Switch

Carrier-grade 1/10/40/100 GbE switch that meets your demands for operational scalability and simplified management—with or without VDX 6940 and/or VDX 6740 switches—for today’s highly dynamic, scale-out cloud environments using Brocade VCS fabric technology.

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