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Virtual Core for Mobile

Brocade Virtual Core for Mobile (VCM) eliminates the expensive hardware, long upgrade cycles, overprovisioning, and years-in-advance budgeting that traditionally characterize mobile service provider networks. Experience the benefits of a software-based environment through a fully virtualized Evolved Packet Core (EPC) implementation, or start with a virtual IP gateway that leverages your existing distributed infrastructure.

Shrink Your Total Cost of Ownership

Simplify operations and eliminate the high CapEx and OpEx costs of overprovisioned, dedicated servers by replacing them with a virtualized EPC on an Intel x86 platform.

Reduce Customer Churn

Give your customers fast access to the newest services with a software-based EPC that lets you deploy applications in a matter of days. Faster time-to-market, high customer satisfaction, low customer churn. It’s that easy.

Grow Your Business —Not Your Network

Thanks to architectural innovations developed through close collaboration with Intel, your server and Brocade vEPC performance scale linearly at line rate. So business growth and revenue growth stay aligned.

Virtual Core for Mobile

Brocade Virtual Core for Mobile (VCM) transforms mobile networks through a full-function virtualized Evolved Packet Core (EPC) implementation with multiple personalities.

Brocade Virtual Packet Data Network Gateway

Full-Function, Linearly Scalable vEPC

Brocade Virtual Evolved Packet Core

Full-Function, Linearly Scalable vEPC