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Ubiquitous mobile devices have fast-tracked the evolution of the open mobility technology commonly known as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), and made wireless networks more important than ever. But these advances come with a caveat.

Even if you recently implemented or upgraded your wireless network, you’re going to want some new gear in less than three years. That’s how fast wireless technology is changing. Wired networks, on the other hand, have a longer lifespan. Many of today’s switches boast scalability features that give you seven to ten years of top-notch service. Because wireless networks depend on this underlying wired infrastructure to deliver on their performance and reliability potential, those numbers are important. They mean that a wired network must be able to support several generations of wireless networks. That feat is best accomplished with a highly scalable, open, standards-based wired infrastructure.

An open, scalable wired network can help you stay at the top of your wireless game while maintaining a low total cost of ownership (TCO) for your enterprise network. Open gives you multiple options to upgrade your wireless network as vendors leapfrog each other with best-of-breed solutions. Scalability lets you meet the exploding capacity and performance demands of today’s wireless world.

Conversely, proprietary hardware that incorporates both wired and wireless technology gives you a different set of choices. You can forego upgrading your wireless capabilities until you’re ready to invest in new wired infrastructure. Or, you can undertake expensive upgrades on a viable wired network to capitalize on new wireless advances.

We recommend the open approach. And we enhance it with cost-effective, easy-to-utilize, incremental scalability options that make it work for the long term.

What most people don’t realize is if you don’t have a good wired infrastructure, your wireless infrastructure’s not going to function. So that was the big reason for making sure we had the access level with the Brocade wired infrastructure to be able to support our new wireless infrastructure.

Luke Saintignan, System and Network Administrator, Kilgore College

Brocade Open Mobility Solutions

We believe that a standards-based environment should be the architecture of choice throughout your network. It’s a core element of our business strategy.

We support widely used standards such as TCP/IP and IEEE 802.11. And we’ve incorporated additional standards to add value to the wireless networks that customers integrate with their Brocade infrastructures. We support 802.1x for consistent wired and wireless traffic authentication. We support the OpenFlow standard, so you can build an open SDN architecture that avoids vendor lock-in. And we support sFlow to give you the visibility you need for rapid problem resolution and greater uptime.

Within this standards-based environment, our campus switches and Brocade Campus Fabric provide innovative scalability features to support the growing bandwidth needs of advancing wireless technology. Our campus switches and Brocade HyperEdge architectur eoffer innovative scalability features to support the growing bandwidth needs of advancing wireless technology.

  • The Brocade ICX 7250 Ports-On-Demand (POD) feature lets you expand from 1G to 10G by activating a software license
  • The Brocade ICX 7450 lets you expand from 1G to 10G to 40G by swapping switch modules
  • The Brocade ICX 7750 lets you stack up to 12 switches to increase capacity and enable a single point of management through a distributed chassis architecture

And as your BYOD environment evolves and you take advantage of next-generation wireless devices, your power needs will likely escalate as well. We offer Power over Ethernet (PoE), PoE+, and Power Over HDBaseT (PoH) so you can build out your power delivery infrastructure along with your campus network.

A future of mobile freedom

Wireless is not a “go it alone” technology. Your choice of wired infrastructure is critical to the BYOD experience that you provide for your employees and your guests. Our standards-based approach helps you cost-effectively scale and adapt your wired network, giving you a future-proof, investment-protected solution that keeps pace with the rapidly advancing wireless industry.

Certified Interoperability

To assure our customers of compatibility, Brocade has solicited third-party certification testing with leading wireless network vendors:

Open Mobility Solutions Program

Compliance with open standards also allows us to work very closely with the best-of-breed wireless vendors in our high-caliber partner ecosystem. Through standards,

we can provide a common end-user and network administrator experience, with comparable management controls for wired and wireless connectivity. Extensive interoperability testing and joint technical support also help ensure long-term compatibility. Add the scalability innovations of the campus switches that support your wireless infrastructure, and you’ve got the foundation for a high-quality BYOD experience that will meet your needs going forward.


Brocade products turn Possibilities into realities. Through industry transition and technology evolution. For large and small businesses, service providers, and the public sector. Our proven data and storage network fabrics, state-of-the-art virtual devices, management tools, and open approach are ready to support your success.