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Partners / Cloud Service Providers

Brocade & Google

Google and Brocade have teamed up to provide cloud administrators with powerful application delivery tools to optimize the performance and security of their customer-facing applications. The Brocade Virtual Traffic Manager simplifies management with robust global and intra-VM load-balancing functionality with extensive scripting and control capabilities. The Brocade Web Application Firewall provides the security to protect your customers’ confidential data—one less thing to stress about.


The Brocade Virtual Traffic Manager (vTM) and the Brocade Web Application Firewall (vWAF) are now available in various bandwidth configurations on the Google Cloud Launcher. Google will provide the VMs you need to run your mission-critical apps in the cloud and the Brocade Virtual Network Functions for enhanced functionality. Buy instances on an hourly basis and turn off those you don’t need when demand subsides.

Learn more about Google Cloud Platform and the Brocade vADC suite today.

Apps run faster and more securely in Google Cloud Platform with Brocade vADC solutions

  • Enhanced application performance and efficiency
  • Intelligent load balancing with powerful and simple scripting capability
  • Enhanced application-level security
  • Cost control though hourly licensing

Brocade vADC on Google Cloud Platform

Support for Hybrid Cloud and Beyond

Brocade vADC solutions are now supported on Google Cloud Platform, with hourly billing options for applications that need to scale on-demand to match varying workloads. A range of Brocade Virtual Traffic Manager editions are available, including options for the Developer Edition and Brocade Virtual Web Application Firewall.

Migrating data to the cloud and enabling access technologies to seamlessly adapt to the changing data sets is too important for half-measures. On the Google Cloud Platform, deploying Brocade vADC solutions provides robust global and local load-balancing functionality with extensive scripting and control capabilities. Whether you need to energize enterprise applications for employee collaboration, or transform customer applications for a personalized user experience, Brocade vADC solutions can deliver the reliability, security, and cost savings for all ADC services.