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Brocade Network Subscription

Agility. Scalability. Upgradability. With the Brocade Network Subscription, these are not mere buzzwords. Network professionals agree, “as-a-service” are words to live by. “Pay-as-you-go” drives the way you, as a business manager, want to do business.

So, how does the Brocade Network Subscription work?

Very simply. This innovative model, which is exclusive to Brocade, by the way:

  • Gives you the option to pay for your network infrastructure as-a-service
  • Aligns your costs with demand and revenue
  • Future-proofs your network against equipment and technology obsolescence

You need to proactively manage a dynamic, just-in-time network. That’s just what the Brocade Subscription model helps you do. Without a catch. Our in-plain-English agreement spells it out. Subscribe to what you need—with support included and no up-front cash demands. Cancel anything or everything at any time with 60 days’ notice. No hassles. No penalties. (Of course, if you need to upgrade or expand, we make that easy, too.)

The bottom line? Brocade Network Subscription eliminates the risk of investing in new technologies, projects, and services.

Who’s “buying” in?

Managed services and service providers. Corporate data centers. K-12 and higher educational institutions. Video pre- and post-production. Healthcare. Government. Anyone looking for network flexibility and OpEx elasticity.

They’re all going the subscription route for good reason.

Managed services and service providers want to align costs with revenue for profitability from Day One. Their mantra? Provision for demand, pay on demand. Corporate data centers are designing for today’s needs—and tomorrow’s. They’re cash-conservative and, with shifting economic conditions, wary of ironclad CapEx commitments. K-12 education is looking to leverage e-rate to fund multi-year acquisition plans. The government is seeking to align technology procurement with as-a-service budget directives. Hospitals want the benefits of advanced technology without driving the cost of healthcare higher.

7 out of 10 businesses will finance equipment. Advances in the use of technology will drive innovative financing options.

 -- Top 10 Equipment Acquisition Trends for 2015

ELFA, Equipment Leasing and Finance Association

What are the benefits?

When you’re ready to free yourself from a rigid CapEx-based financing structure and all its challenges, it’s time to call Brocade.

With Brocade Network Subscription, you uncouple from cumbersome depreciation schedules and term commitments. Concerns about network equipment useful life are a thing of the past.

Brocade redefines on-demand networks.

When you’re ready to upgrade, scale up (or down), we make it easy to transform your legacy infrastructure support budget into a Brocade Network Subscription that meets your needs today— and tomorrow.

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