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Speaking Sessions

NSX Based Automated IT Service Delivery For SDDC Deployments

Chip Copper Strategic Technologist, Brocade

Detail Description:
Government agencies at all levels are striving to bring efficiency into their IT operations and leverage Software Defined Data Center architecture to bring down costs, increase efficiency and meet their goals of highly satisfied end-users. This goal is driving virtualizing all their IT infrastructure and use Software Defined Datacenter (SDDC) as platform to deploy IT applications. The focus of the past few years has mainly been on compute virtualization, with storage and network coming from physical infrastructure which does not bring the expected IT operational efficiency. The latest VMware technologies to virtualize storage and network fills this gap and makes it compelling for IT leaders to move their IT infrastructure to SDDC architecture. This session mainly focuses on VMware NSX technology that virtualizes network to provide detailed architectural description of deployment of NSX based on real use case defined by California Government Agency and proof-of-concept to showcase the solution.

Scaling Your SDDC Network: Building a Highly Scalable SDDC Infrastructure with Advanced Physical Network Architectures & VMware NSX

Anuj Dewangan DC-IP TME, Brocade

Detail Description:
With a change to the economics of using cloud computing services, IT consumption models are shifting to the cloud. Many IT organizations are service providers to their internal customers. Cloud consumer demands of traffic segmentation and security, along with enormous multi-tenancy requirements have created significant technology challenges and business risks to the cloud providers. With a cloud infrastructure built using VMware’s Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) architecture and advanced physical network architectures described in this session, massively scalable cloud infrastructures are now being realized. This session describes a highly scalable, resilient, efficient and replicable physical network architecture for the cloud infrastructure based on Layer 2 and Layer 3 technologies. These architectures provide choices for building the underlay infrastructure for the SDDC cloud. An implementation of this architecture leveraging key feature of the Brocade VDX switches is described. Next, the best practices for deploying the VMware SDDC components in this network architecture are explored in detail, including the placement of the network virtualization infrastructure components. Control plane interactions between the physical and the virtual networks are described. Detailed packet walkthroughs demonstrate the life of a packet in the data path traveling east-west or north-south in the network infrastructure. Leveraging the cutting-edge best practices for deploying VMware SDDC along with the physical network architectures described in the session, the audience are encouraged to adapt the guidelines presented here for building their SDDC private or public cloud infrastructures based on their scale, multi-tenancy and security requirements. In summary, an SDDC built with sound design practices in the virtual and physical networks, help cloud providers solve their most complex problems of providing micro segmentation, security, agility and multi-tenancy in their cloud environment along with achieving resiliency and flexibility in scale in their physical infrastructure.

Best Practices to Deploy All Flash Virtual SAN VDI Workloads Using VMware Horizon View

Nanjunda Somayaji Senior Technical Alliance Manager, Brocade

Detail Description:
VMware, SanDisk, Brocade and Avago have joined hands to architect highly scalable, secure VDI architecture to deliver high density 800+ virtual desktops per server. This architecture is based on unique capabilities of All Flash Virtual SAN available in VMware vSphere 6.0, 12Gb/s SAS End-to-End components, Application Delivery Infrastructure for high availability and 10 Gbe Networking.

This combination of software and hardware delivers a powerful, scalable storage solution for Virtual SAN environments.

VMware Virtual SAN software provides the software-defined storage tier for VMware vSphere environments.  VMware Virtual SAN is a hypervisor converged storage solution that creates a flash optimized, highly resilient shared data-store. It optimizes the I/O data path to maximize throughput and minimize latency. Being embedded within the VMware ESXi kernel, Virtual SAN lowers costs and offers performance similar to traditional SANs, virtual appliances, or external devices.

Network connectivity is provided by Brocade VDX 6740, the industry’s best 10Gbe switches based on Brocade VCS technology.  Application Delivery Infrastructure is based on Brocade Virtual Application Delivery Controller (vADC) Traffic Manager.  This solution uses SanDisk Lightning Gen II 12Gb/s SSDs connected to Avago 12Gb/s SAS storage controller, which provide sustained performance over a wide range of write / read intensive, and mixed use applications. With proven endurance and superior reliability, these are ideal combination for demanding environments.