Brocade Education FAQs

What is the Brocade Certification program?

The Brocade Certification program enables you to demonstrate your expertise and be formally recognized for implementing Brocade industry-leading network technology. Brocade offers certifications designed to meet organizational and individual career goals. Our certifications also measure your proficiency in selling and supporting network solutions and in increasing customer satisfaction.

What is the Brocade Accreditation program?

The Brocade Accreditation program augments the Brocade Certification program, enabling professionals to demonstrate their knowledge in specific areas of expertise. Accreditations are introductory, product, or topic-specific. After you complete a course, you can take the corresponding accreditation exam, available online.

Who should get a Brocade credential?

Brocade Certification and Accreditation programs are open to anyone seeking to validate their SAN, IP, Ethernet Fabric, or FICON skills. They help you maintain your competitive edge and offer a best practices-based understanding of how to use and maintain our products. 

Do Brocade credentials expire?

Although Brocade credentials do not expire or require re-certification, we strongly encourage you to refresh your skills regularly. As new products and technologies are introduced, we update our curriculum and certification programs. Keeping your credentials up to date protects the market value of your certifications over time. 

Who delivers Brocade exams and how do I register?

Pearson VUE administers and proctors in-person Brocade certification exams around the world. You can create a profile on the Pearson VUE website. After locating a testing center near you, you can register for an exam from the list provided.
Kryterion administers and proctors online Brocade accreditation exams. Accreditation candidates can create a profile on the Kryterion Webassessor website.

What is the cost of an exam?

Certification exams cost USD $150 per attempt. Pearson VUE accepts payment in major world currencies, by credit card, promotional code, or voucher.
Accreditation exams cost USD $20. Kryterion accepts payment by credit card.  

What is the exam re-take policy?

You may attempt an exam twice in any given two-week period. This policy applies to both certification and accreditation exams.

How do I find information about an exam and its objectives?

Detailed exam information is available in the Certification Tracks section on the Plan Your Curriculumpage. 
Please note that if you are interested in Brocade courses and curriculum paths, you can find more information in the specific technology sections of the Plan Your Curriculum page.

What are passing scores for the exams?

The passing scores for certification and accreditation exams vary. A lower cut score typically indicates a more difficult exam. You’ll find more information about scores on the Plan Your Curriculum page.

What happens after I pass an exam?

After taking a certification exam, you will receive a provisional score, which you should store in a safe place. After taking an accreditation exam, you will see your score at the end of the exam. Within two to three days, you will receive a “welcome” email that contains information about how to get your logo and certificate. We do not number our certificates, but we do list a verification code and URL on each one.

Are non-disclosure agreements as well as terms and conditions associated with the exams?

Yes. Before taking an exam, you must agree to the terms of our non-disclosure agreement (NDA). You may view the NDA and the terms and conditions here.
Please note that Brocade does not tolerate the use of unauthorized training materials, such as third-party “study guides” or “exam dumps”. If you violate this rule, you may face a lifetime ban from the Certification program.

What is the Brocade privacy policy regarding exam results and candidate information?

Brocade has the utmost respect for your confidentiality and privacy.  Exam results and personal information are confidential with the exception for their use for internal administrative purposes.  Brocade does not disclose them to anyone other than you, unless you have chosen to “opt-in” or if you have provided expressed written consent. Your exam results and candidate information include pass/fail status, exam scores, and the certifications and accreditations you currently hold. We respect your confidentiality and privacy. You may access your records online at Certmetrics and “opt-out” at any time if you do not wish to share your information.

Where do I find my Brocade ID?

Your BRCD ID will be sent to you in an email from You can also find your BRCD ID in your online Pearson VUE profile, or by sending an email to Your BRCD ID is unique to you, and it should not be shared with or used by others.

How can I track my credentials?

Log into CertMetrics with your BRCD ID. If you are a first-time user, you should follow the instructions in the “welcome” announcement email. After you have logged in, you can download your logo and certificate and also update your profile information. You can find your BRCD ID in your Pearson VUE profile or by sending an email to Your BRCD ID is unique to you, and should not be shared with or used by others.

What is the easiest way to search for upcoming training offerings?

Locate a course you’re interested in from our Plan Your Curriculum section.   

How do I create a MyBrocade profile if I am a new user?

Click Register Now from the MyBrocade login page.

How do I access my in-progress web-based training?

Log into Brocade Training portal on MyBrocade and go to In-Progress Web-Based Training.

How do I find an Authorized Training Partner in my region?

Visit the Authorized Training Partner page to begin your search.

How do I access the Certification testing site?

Visit the Pearson Vue site.

How do I access the Accreditation testing site?

Visit the Kryterion site.

Why is the web-based training course content window blank or empty?

Please verify that the IE8 Security settings for the “Display mixed content” property is set to Enable as follows:

1.     From Internet Explorer, select Tools > Internet Options.

2.     Select the Security tab. 

3.     Select the “Internet” zone and click the Custom Level button. 

4.     Scroll down to Miscellaneous and locate the “Display mixed content” property. 

5.     Select the Enable radio button and click OK.

6.     On the Security tab, click OK to save the changes.

Note: If you cannot change the “Display mixed content” setting in IE8, please use another web browser such as Firefox 3.5 or higher.

How do I find a training course in the Brocade Training portal?

Please use Advanced Search for best results.

1.     From the Brocade Training portal Home page, click the Advanced Search link in the Catalog Search portlet.

2.     Enter the desired search parameters, and click the Search Learning Catalog button.

  • Use the Title field to search for a keyword in the course title or the course title exactly as it appears on the course data sheet (e.g., “advanced” or “advanced Ethernet fabric administration”)
  • Use the ID field to search for a course code (e.g., CEF 250)
  • Use the percent sign (%) wildcard character to enable partial matching of any string in the search results (e.g., CEF%250% or %ethernet fabric%)

Note: The more specific the phrase you enter, the more precise your results will be.

How do I print a web-based course completion certificate?

From the Brocade Training portal home page, select the MyTranscript tab, locate the desired course, and click Print Certificate of Completion.

How do I re-review course materials of a completed web-based course?

From the Brocade Training Portal Home page, select the MyTranscript tab, locate the desired course, click Actions, and then click View Learning Assignments.

Note: The content will be available unless the course has been discontinued or retired.

What forms of payment do you accept for Brocade University courses?

Brocade accepts American Express, MasterCard, and Visa for web-based training only.

We accept payment for instructor-led and virtual offerings in Training Units. Each unit is valued at $100 and can be redeemed through any Brocade Authorized Training Partner. Please contact your sales representative to purchase Training Units.

Brocade also accepts wire transfers as payment for instructor-led or online courses.  Please contact Brocade University for bank remittance details.
Please fax purchase orders directly to Brocade at (408) 333-3816.

What is the Brocade course cancellation policy?

Each Brocade Authorized Training Partner has a separate cancellation policy. Contact the partner for their policy. For a list of partners, click here.
Because Brocade web-based training classes are available 24/7, Brocade does not allow you to cancel individual classes.

For more information about Brocade University, please email

1-888-BROCADE (1-888-276-2233)


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