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Brocade Education FAQs

Logging in – MyBrocade

How do I create a MyBrocade profile if I am a new user?

Click Register Now from the MyBrocade login page and complete the account creation process.

Log into MyBrocade, then select Education, and then Brocade Training Portal. This will create your Brocade Training account

Web-Based Training Courses

What forms of payment do you accept for web-based training courses?

Brocade accepts American Express, MasterCard, and Visa for web-based training. Training Units may not be used to purchase web-based training.

Brocade also accepts wire transfers as payment for instructor-led or online courses. Please contact Brocade University for bank remittance details.

Please email or fax purchase orders directly to Brocade at or (408) 333-3816.

What is the cancellation policy for web-based training?

Because Brocade web-based training classes are available 24/7, Brocade does not allow you to cancel individual classes.

How do I access my in-progress web-based training?

Log into Brocade Training portal on MyBrocade and go to In-Progress Web-Based Training.

Select Transcript > View Your Transcript. If not already selected, select Active from the first pull-down menu.

All incomplete courses will be listed.

Why is the web-based training course content window blank or empty?

Please verify that the IE8 Security settings for the “Display mixed content” property is set to Enable as follows:

1. From Internet Explorer, select Tools > Internet Options.

2. Select the Security tab.

3. Select the “Internet” zone and click the Custom Level button.

4. Scroll down to Miscellaneous and locate the “Display mixed content” property.

5. Select the Enable radio button and click OK.

6. On the Security tab, click OK to save the changes.

Note: If you cannot change the “Display mixed content” setting in IE8, please use another web browser such as Firefox 3.5 or higher.

How do I find a training course in the Brocade Training portal?

From your Brocade Training home page, select Catalog > Browse for Training. The system will display all available online courses. You can use the filters on the left to limit the list by subject or by course type. You can also enter a specific search term in the search window in the upper right of the screen.

How do I print a web-based course completion certificate?

From your Brocade Training home page, select Transcript > View Your Transcript.

Select Completed from the first pull-down menu.

Find the course you want a certificate for. Next to the Open Curriculum or Launch button, click the down-arrow and select Training Details.

Click on Print Certificate.

How do I re-review course materials of a completed web-based course?

From your Brocade Training home page, select Transcript > View Your Transcript.

Select Completed from the first pull-down menu.

Click Launch to restart the course.

Instructor-Led Courses

How do I find an Authorized Training Partner in my region?

Visit the Authorized Training Partner page to begin your search.

What forms of payment do you accept for instructor-led training courses?

We accept payment for instructor-led and virtual offerings in Training Units. Each unit is valued at $100 and can be redeemed through any Brocade Authorized Training Partner. Please contact your sales representative to purchase Training Units.

Brocade also accepts wire transfers as payment for instructor-led or online courses. Please contact Brocade University for bank remittance details.

Please fax purchase orders directly to Brocade at (408) 333-3816.

What is the Brocade course cancellation policy?

Each Brocade Authorized Training Partner has a separate cancellation policy. Contact the partner for their policy. For a list of partners, click here.

Certification Program

What is the Brocade Certification program?

The Brocade Certification program enables you to demonstrate your expertise and be formally recognized for implementing Brocade industry-leading network technology. Brocade offers certifications designed to meet organizational and individual career goals. Our certifications also measure your proficiency in selling and supporting network solutions and in increasing customer satisfaction.

Who delivers the Brocade certification exams?

Certifior delivers both Brocade certification and accreditation exams.  Certification exams are delivered through secure remote proctoring. You can schedule your certification exam for a time convenient for you. Create a profile on the Brocade landing page on the Certifior website. Please read and follow all instructions on the landing page before setting up your profile. 

What is the cost of an exam?

Certification exams cost USD $150 per attempt. Accreditation exams cost USD $20 per attempt. Certifior accepts payment by credit card or voucher. 

What is the exam re-take policy?

If you do not successfully pass a Brocade certification exam on your initial attempt there is no waiting period before your second attempt. For third and subsequent attempts there is a minimum 14 day waiting period from the date of the failed attempt, before attempting the exam again. Once a certification exam has been taken and passed, it cannot be taken again.

For accreditation exams, there is no waiting between attempts.  

How do I find information about an exam and its objectives?

Detailed exam information is available on on the Certification page.

How can I track my credentials?

CertMetrics manages your testing and credential history. When you pass an exam, you will receive a congratulatory email from with your Brocade ID and CertMetrics login information. If you are a first-time user, you should follow the instructions in the congratulatory email. After logging in, you can download your logo and certificate, display your credential on LinkedIn, and update your profile information with the exception of your name. Should you need a name change or additional assistance with your CertMetrics account, contact

How long will it take for my results to appear in my CertMetrics account?

If you fail a certification exam, the results will appear in CertMetrics in two to three business days. If you receive a provisional pass for a certification exam and after the additional statistical analyses it is determined that your results are normal, they will appear in CertMetrics in two to three business days. If your results do not pass the additional analyses, you will be notified by e-mail of further action. Accreditation exam pass/fail results will appear in CertMetrics in two to three business days.

What is my Brocade ID and where do I find it?

Your Brocade ID (BRCD ID) gives you access to your CertMetrics account and is sent to you in a congratulatory email from after you pass your first exam. Your BRCD ID is unique to you, and it should not be shared with or used by others. Your BRCD ID cannot be used to sign in to My Brocade. My Brocade and CertMetrics are not linked.

Do Brocade credentials expire?

Currently Brocade credentials do not expire or require recertification. In FY 2017, the Brocade Certification Program will be exploring recertification.  As new products and technologies are introduced, curriculum and certification requirements are updated.

Who do I contact if I have questions about the Brocade Certification Program?

For more information about Brocade University, please email