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Exam 143-710

Cut Score
65% or More
Brocade SAN Troubleshooting Exam

This exam tests the ability to perform troubleshooting and data gathering tasks in Brocade Fibre Channel storage area networks (SAN) based on Fabric OS 16 and 32 Gbps Brocade products.


Candidates should be able to demonstrate these competencies:

Know and understand foundational SAN systems, architectures, and technologies

  • Identify common troubleshooting techniques, tools, and data collection tools.
  • Describe how the storage and host work and interact with each other.
  • Recognize and verify device logins, ISL formation and fabric merge.
  • Identify embedded services, queries, and device registration.

Implement a SAN solution

  • Configure advanced filters for Flow Vision flows.
  • Configure Brocade tools to identify congestion.

Enhance performance optimization in a SAN solution

  • Identify and resolve insufficient buffer credit related performance problems.
  • Identify and resolve performance issues in a fabric with slow drain devices.
  • Identify and resolve performance issues related to queue depth and marginal links.
  • Identify and resolve issues related to congestion and ISL over subscription.

Troubleshoot and repair a SAN solution

  • Gather data to include: using Brocade tools to gather a trace; diagraming environments; configuring MAPS rules to alert and isolate problems; collect Flow Monitor data; configure Flow Mirror to capture FC traffic; interpret supportsave command output.
  • Repair and resolve issues to include: troubleshoot device connectivity issues, ISL/IFL formation, fabric merge issues, and download issues; identify and resolve marginal links; use Flow Monitor to analyze fabric issues; identify when root cause is not related to fabric.


This exam is designed for support personnel responsible for troubleshooting issues that may arise in a Fibre Channel SAN as well as SAN and storage administrators and system engineers.


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