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About Us / Corporate Responsibility

Environmental Responsibility

Green Facilities

Brocade is challenging itself, its partners and customers to embrace greener business operations. We’re focused on delivering high-performance, energy-efficient data center infrastructure solutions. And as part of our commitment, we’re an annual participant in the Carbon Disclosure Project. We also evaluate the environmental benefits of our corporate leases.

Leading by example

Our 562,000 square foot San Jose headquarters campus is a superb example of flexibility, scalability, energy efficiency, and sustainability. In fact, it’s been certified LEED Commercial Interiors Gold by the U.S. Green Building Council. Through virtualization, re-racking, and decommissioning, we’ve consolidated three data centers into one—and streamlined our R&D lab space, too.

PG&E has given us one of its single largest “Data Center Project” incentive award, based on our ability to reduce power use by more than 14 million kilowatt hours annually. Our Bangalore R&D center is similarly impressive. Housed in a custom-built facility with state-of-the-art infrastructure and equipment, it serves as a hub for the development of advanced networking and data management solutions.

Brocade’s new development center in India is another prime example of environmental design.

Employees at Brocade have established Bgreen—an employee affinity group—to help promote environmental practices across the business. Teams at major sites drive awareness campaigns and collaborate with other employee resource groups that are making a valuable environmental impact.

Green Data Centers

Companies around the globe are hungry for more data and faster network performance. That means higher energy costs. At Brocade, designing energy-efficient data centers is in our DNA. We build products and solutions that increase productivity and reduce energy consumption through a unique emphasis on:

  • Power and cooling: Compared to competitors, our directors are energy misers. They generate a mere third of the heat, which means they require less expensive cooling and use less power— so you can run other devices in your rack configuration more efficiently.
  • Heterogeneity/scalability: Brocade products support and simplify high performance data migration across heterogeneous environments—so you maximize your investment in IT resources.
  • Ease of management: Our superior architecture allows you to consolidate shared storage environments. You benefit from cost-effective, centralized information management.

Greening Our Products

Use energy more efficiently. Launch and carry out effective environmental initiatives. Store and retrieve more data faster than ever. And contribute to business growth and a bigger bottom line while you’re at it.

Just like our customers, Brocade pays energy bills. We’re also keenly aware of the impact of energy use on the planet. Those are two powerful incentives for creating green products.

Brocade products pay attention to the environment throughout their lifecycle. We address electronic waste through a smartly designed take-back-and-recycle program. . Our product design incorporates energy efficiency through a healthy emphasis on virtualization, tiered storage, and infrastructure consolidation.

Environmental Reporting

Accurate, timely environmental reporting is a responsibility Brocade takes seriously. An annual participant in the Carbon Disclosure Project, the company measures and seeks to reduce its impact on the environment. We monitor environmental regulation, collaborate with our business ecosystem and proactively seek to improve our compliance and reporting activities.

Read about our environmental goals and reporting by reviewing our most recent CDP report. Brocade also leverages EICC-On to share environmental data with our customers upon request, email to request information.