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Certification Exam Information

Brocade certification exams are designed to validate your knowledge and expertise. The questions require knowledge and demonstrated expertise in the various areas tested.

To get more information on Brocade Certification Programs, contact us.

All exams are administered by Pearson VUE.

To register for an exam, in North America call Pearson VUE at:
Tel: 1-866-361-5817, or register via the web

Registration Information
Please provide the following information when registering:
  • Exam ID #:
  • Phone number
  • First and last name
  • Status (OEM, System Integrator, End-user or Employee)
  • Exam number
  • Location where you would like to take the exam
  • Date and time of the exam session
  • Major credit card number
  • Mailing address (Post office boxes will not be accepted)
  • E-mail address

IMPORTANT NOTE: Upon completion of the exam, be sure to save your score sheet as proof of having passed the exam, in the unlikely event there is any issue. The testing center must provide you with one. Providing accurate contact information will allow Brocade to contact you regarding delivery of certification fulfillment kits, certificates, and upcoming exams.

NOTE: Before taking the Brocade Certification Exam, you will be required to accept and acknowledge the Brocade confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement. You will NOT be able to proceed with the exam until you have read and accepted the terms of this agreement.

The examinee agrees:
(i) to hold the Brocade Certification Exam Information in strict confidence,
(ii) not to disclose exam contents to any third parties, or
(iii) reproduce the exam contents in any way

Education and Certification Resources

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