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Brocade Certified Network Engineer 2012 (BCNE)

As a Brocade Certified Network Engineer, you must be able to install and maintain basic Ethernet switching and IP routing (layer 2/3) networks based on Brocade products.

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Brocade Certified Network Engineer Exam Topics

The Brocade Certified Network Engineer exam has these objectives:

Layer 1/Hardware Concepts

  • Identify physical media
  • Describe how to implement PoE/PoE+

Brocade Hardware Platforms

  • Identify Brocade hardware platforms
  • Describe how to implement hardware platforms and features

Layer 2 Switching and Protocols

  • Describe Layer 2 protocols
  • Identify Layer 2 functionality
  • Identify different VLAN implementations
  • Describe different link aggregation (LAG) implementations

General Layer 2/ Layer 3 Concepts

  • Describe general routing and switching concepts

Routing Concepts

  • Describe general routing concepts
  • Describe how to implement the OSPF protocol
  • Describe multicast routing

Access Control List (ACL) Concepts

  • Describe ACL concepts

Quality of Service (QoS) Concepts

  • Describe QoS concepts

Network Security, Management and Monitoring

  • Describe the tools used to monitor a network
  • Describe the tools to manage a network
  • Demonstrate how to secure access to routers and switches
  • Describe maintenance procedures for switches and routers


  • Demonstrate knowledge of basic troubleshooting
  • Demonstrate the ability to analyze troubleshooting output

Education and Certification Resources

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