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IP-Speichernetzwerk neu definieren

Kein veraltetes IP-Netzwerk verwenden


Neue IP: Transformation von Netzwerken

Revolutionierung von Geschäftsmodellen für die „Third Platform“


Anwendungsunterstützung für die neue IP

Kostenlose Testphase von 30 Tagen: Brocade Virtual Traffic Manager, die führende Plattform für die virtuelle Anwendungsbereitstellung für die neue IP

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Prüfung 180-310

Cut Score
65% oder mehr
Brocade Advanced IP Troubleshooting Prüfung

This exam tests the ability to gather, debug, and show output for troubleshooting Layer 2 and Layer 3 protocols; troubleshoot and resolve Layer 2 and Layer 3 redundancy protocols including RSTP, OSPF, and BGP; troubleshoot and resolve issues with management access; and to perform an upgrade to NetIron and FastIron products.

This exam supports the Brocade Professional in IP Support 2017 certification requirements.


Candidates should be able to demonstrate the following competencies:

Gather data for troubleshooting

  • Use divide and conquer methodology for layer by layer troubleshooting
  • Capture debug outputs and logs required for case escalation
  • Use show commands to troubleshoot issues with IP networks
  • Map customer topology using tools
  • Use monitoring tools and CLI commands to view traffic data

Diagnose and troubleshoot hardware issues

  • Examine and troubleshoot hardware issues in a Brocade IP device
  • Resolve interface connectivity issues
  • Identify and replace optic transceivers

Diagnose and troubleshoot Layer 3 features

  • Examine and troubleshoot issues in a Layer 3 device configuration
  • Diagnose and resolve issues with DHCP, VRRP/VRRP-E, OSPF, multicast, routing loops, BGP adjacency, and route and prefix advertising
  • Redirect traffic from faulty links using specific parameters

Analyze the traffic and network

  • Analyze syslog messages and debug output

Diagnose and troubleshoot Layer 2 features

  • Examine and troubleshoot issues in a Layer 2 device configuration
  • Diagnose and resolve issues with VLAN, STP/RSTP, LAG/LACP, PoE, and Brocade proprietary solutions

Diagnose and troubleshoot device management issues

  • Resolve issues with user management
  • Troubleshoot issues with the firmware/software upgrade process


This exam is for support personnel responsible for troubleshooting issues that may arise on an IP network; individuals looking for a basic understanding of troubleshooting processes and initial data collection; and advanced end users looking to gain skills to troubleshoot issues in their network.


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