Attaching the rail to round-hole rack posts

Perform the following steps to install the round-hole hardware.

  1. Position the outer slide rail inside the rack posts with the closed ends of the slide rail toward the non-port side of the rack, as shown in the following figure.
  2. Loosen and adjust the position of the non-port side L-bracket as necessary.
    If side rack access is not available, measure the depth of the rack, loosen the L-bracket on the non-port side, and adjust the bracket position until the total rail length matches the rack depth.
  3. Attach the L-brackets to the rack posts using five Phillips 10-32 x 1/2 in. screws and two of the three-hole rack nut bars.
    Leave the middle hole empty on the port side for securing the rack mount bracket later (refer to Inserting the device in the rack).
  4. Tighten the screws to 15 in-lbs (17 cm-kgs).
  5. Repeat these steps for the other rail.
    Figure 23 Attaching outer slide rails to round-hole rack posts
    Attaching outer slide rails to round-hole on posts
    1. Phillips screw, 10-32 x 1/2 in., black (5 each side)
    2. Three-hole slide mount L-bracket (2 each side)
    3. Rack post (port side)
    4. Outer slide rail
    1. Rack post (non-port side)
    2. Three-hole slide mount L-bracket
    3. Three-hole rack nut bar, 8-32 (2 each side)