Setting the Brocade 7800 date and time

The date and time switch settings are used for logging events. Switch operation does not depend on the date and time; a switch with incorrect date or time values still functions properly.

You can synchronize the local time of the principal or primary fabric configuration server (FCS) switch to that of an external Network Time Protocol (NTP) server.

Perform the following steps to set the date and time of a Brocade 7800.

  1. Log in to the switch as admin.
  2. Enter the date command at the command line using the following syntax:
    date "MMDDhhmm[CC]YY"


    • MM is the month (01-12)
    • DD is the date (01-31)
    • hh is the hour (00-23)
    • mm is minutes (00-59)
    • CC is the century (19-20)
    • YY is the year (00-99)

    Year values greater than 69 are interpreted as 1970-1999; year values less than 70 are interpreted as 2000-2069. The date function does not support Daylight Savings Time or time zones, so changes will have to be reset manually.

    switch:admin> date
    Fri May  5 21:50:00 UTC 1989
    switch:admin> date "0624165203"
    Tue Jun 24 16:52:30 UTC 2003