Creating a serial connection

Perform the following steps to create a serial connection to the Brocade 7800.

  1. Remove the plug from the console (serial) port and insert the serial cable provided with the Brocade 7800.
  2. Connect the serial cable to the console port on the Brocade 7800 and to an RS232 serial port on the workstation. If the serial port on the workstation is RJ45 instead of RS232, you can remove the adapter on the end of the serial cable and insert the exposed RJ45 connector into the RJ45 serial port on the workstation.
  3. Disable any serial communication programs running on the workstation.
  4. Open a terminal emulator application (such as HyperTerminal for Windows or TERM in a UNIX environment) and configure the application as follows:
    • In a Windows environment:
      • Bits per second: 9600
      • Databits: 8
      • Parity: None
      • Stop bits: 1
      • Flow control: None
      Flow control is not supported on the serial connection when attached to a remote terminal and must be disabled on the customer-side remote terminal server in addition to the host-side clients.
    • In a UNIX environment, enter the following command at the prompt:
      tip /dev/ttyb -9600

      If ttyb is already in use, use ttya instead and enter the following string at the prompt:

      tip /dev/ttya -9600