Attaching the inner slide rails to the device

Perform the following steps to attach the inner slide rails to the device.

  1. Position an inner slide rail with the flat side against the device and the end containing the lock-release lever toward the non-port side of the device.
  2. Align the rail holes with the holes drilled in the side of the device, as shown in the following figure.
    The hole pattern is identical for all 1U, 1.5U, and 2U devices.
  3. Attach the rail using three Phillips 8-32 x 3/16-in. screws.
  4. Tighten the screws to a torque of 15 in-lbs (17 cm-kgs).
  5. Repeat these steps for the inner slide rail on the other side of the device.
    Figure 20 Installing the inner rail to allow a device to slide out of the port side
    Installing the inner rail
    1. Phillips screw, 8-32 x 3/16 in., zinc
      Two people are required to install the device in a rack. One person can hold the device while the other attaches it to the rack.