Brocade NetIron Management Configuration Guide

Supporting NetIron OS 6.0.00

Part Number: 53-1004196-02

Re-enabling a port disabled by port link dampening

A port disabled by the port link dampening is automatically re-enabled once the wait period expires; however, if the wait period is set to zero (0) seconds or you want to re-enable the port before the configured wait period expires, you must re-enable the port by entering the link-error-disable command on the disabled port as shown in the following.

device(config)#interface ethernet 2/1
device(config-if-e10000-2/1)#link-error-disable 10 3 10
You must enter the link-error-disable command with the toggle-threshold, sampling-time-in-sec, and wait-time-in-sec variables defined to re-enable the port. Using the link-error-disable command without the variables, will not bring the port back up.