Brocade NetIron Security Configuration Guide

Supporting Multi-Service IronWare R05.8.00a

Part Number: 53-1003255-02

Reapplying modified ACLs

If you make an ACL configuration change, you must reapply the ACLs to their interfaces to place the change into effect.

An ACL configuration change includes any of the following:

  • Adding, changing, or removing an ACL or an entry in an ACL
  • Changing ToS-based QoS mappings

To reapply ACLs following an ACL configuration change, enter the following command at the global CONFIG level of the CLI.

ip rebind-acl all

Syntax: [no] ip rebind-acl num | name | all

When an ACL rebinds with a VE, the member ports are checked, and if there is any physical port associated with that VE, then the entire ACL entries are refreshed by an inbound ACL timer in the packet processor(PPCR).