FastIron Ethernet Switch Layer 3 Routing Configuration Guide

Supporting FastIron Software Release 08.0.30

Part Number: 53-1003627-02

Configuring IPv4 VRRP-E

VRRP-E is configured at the interface level. To implement a simple IPv4 VRRP-E configuration using all the default values, enter commands such as the following on each Layer 3 switch.

Brocade(config)#router vrrp-extended
Brocade(config)#interface ethernet 1/5
Brocade(config-if-1/5)#ip vrrp-extended vrid 1
Brocade(config-if-1/5-vrid-1)#advertise backup

Syntax: [no] router vrrp-extended

Syntax: [no] ip-address ip-address

Syntax: [no] ip vrrp-extended vrid vrid

Syntax: no backup [ priority value ] [ track-priority value ]

Syntax: [no] advertise backup

Syntax: [no] activate

The vrid variable specifies the virtual router ID.

The ip-address variable specifies the IPv4 address of the router.

You must identify a VRRP-E router as a Backup before you can activate the virtual router on a Brocade device. However, after you configure the virtual router, you can use the backup command to change its priority or track priority.

The priority value option specifies the IPv4 VRRP-E priority for this virtual Backup router. You can specify a value from 3 through 254. The default is 100.

The track-priority value option changes the track port priority of a Backup router. You can specify a value from 1 through 254. The default is 5.

You also can use the enable command to activate the configuration. This command does the same thing as the activate command.