license add

Adds a license key to a switch.


license add { licstr licenseString | FTP-URL ftpPath | SCP-URL scpPath } [ rbridge-id rbridge-id ]

Command Default

This command is executed on the local switch.


licstr licenseString
Specifies the license string to be added to the switch. The license string must be enclosed in double quotation marks. A maximum of 256 characters is allowed.
FTP-URL ftpPath
Specifies a URL from which to transfer license information using FTP. ftp://username:password@hostname filepath
SCP-URL scpPath
Specifies a URL from which to transfer license information using SCP. scp://username:password@hostname/ filepath
rbridge-id rbridge-id
Executes the command on the remote switch specified by the RBridge ID.


Privileged EXEC mode

Usage Guidelines

Depending on the feature being added, you may need to disable and re-enable the affected ports for this command to take effect. Follow the instructions in the command output.

If you install a license on an unsupported platform, the operation succeeds, but the show license output indicates that the license is not supported.

In the Network OS v3.0.0 release, this command is supported only on the local RBridge.


To add a license on the local switch:

switch# license add licstr "*B r84pNRtHKdRZujmwAUT63GORXIpBhBZK0ckRq6Bvvl3Strvw1:fUjANF av5W:gWx3hH2:9RsMv3BHfeCRFM2gj9NlkrdIiBPBOa4xfSD2jf,Xx1RwksliX8fH6gpx7,73t#"
Adding license [*B r84pNRtHKdRZujmwAUT63GORXIpBhBZK0ckRq6Bvvl3Strvw1:fUjANF av5W:gWx3hH2:9RsMv3BHfeCRFM2gSLj9NlkrdIiBPBOa4xfSD2jf,Xx1RwksliX8fH6gpx7,73t#]

To add a Dynamic Ports on Demand (DPOD) license on a switch that does not support the feature:

switch# license add licstr "*B a6q3zwcUaNkWHPOfVf8afFZqHYype6sQxaEr5HIeFD3nba74i43BnRt6T8b2sDPtVMKuMfUPwV8NvHDXxFgbB3f2w3pJNlujxLVdIVkXdoNHf6i4SzwuvimIj0ORN:JOojLU#"
License Added [*B a6q3zwcUaNkWHPOfVf8afFZqHYype6sQxaEr5HIeFD3nba74i43BnRt6T8b2sDPtVMKuMfUPwV8NvHDXxFgbB3f2w3pJNlujxLVdIVkXdoNHf6i4SzwuvimIj0ORN:JOojLU#]
switch# show license
Ports on Demand license - not applicable on this platform license
Feature name:PORTS_ON_DEMAND_1
    License is valid