Brocade SLX Insight Architecture

The Brocade SLX 9850 supports the Brocade SLX Insight Architecture, augmenting it with a dedicated 10-GbE analytics path between the interface modules and on-box monitoring and troubleshooting apps running in a guest VM resident on the management modules. Powered by Brocade SLX-OS, the Brocade SLX Insight Architecture enables real-time network analytics, monitoring, and troubleshooting through dynamic flow identification, intelligent preprocessing, and flexible data streaming.

The SLX Insight Architecture allows network operators to have the following in their data center networks:

  • A built-in analyzer on every device

  • Real-time monitoring and troubleshooting

  • Zero disruption to network traffic

  • Overlay and underlay visibility

  • Traffic injection

  • The choice of analyzer apps