Network OS Administration Guide

Supporting Network OS 6.0.1a

Part Number: 53-1003768-04

Using hardware profile show commands

The following show commands can be used to verify the status of hardware profiles. For details, refer to the Network OS Command Reference.
Table 11 Network OS show commands
Command Description

show hardware-profile

Displays the current active profile information and subtype details for each profile type and RBridge ID on local switch or specified RBridge ID or all switches in LC cluster. For complete details on the show hardware-profile command, refer to the Network OS Command Reference.

show running-config rbridge-id hardware-profile

Displays the enabled route table and TCAM profiles in the running configuration for all RBridge IDs, or a specific enabled RBridge ID.

show running-config hardware custom-profile

Displays user-defined custom profiles. (With the initial release, only custom KAP profiles are supported.)

The show hardware-profile command supports logical chassis cluster-wide hardware profile information. To view the current hardware-profile information on other switches in the cluster, specify an RBridge ID as in the following example.

device# show hardware-profile rbridge-id 89 current

This also applies to the predefined hardware-profile information of the selected type. The predefined hardware-allocation details for the target platform are retrieved and displayed as for the following example command.

device# show hardware-profile rbridge-id 91 tcam ipv4-v6-qos

To display hardware profile information for all switches in the cluster at one time, use the rbridge-id all keywords as in the following examples:

device# show hardware-profile current rbridge-id all

device# show hardware-profile rbridge-id all route-table ipv6-max-nd openflow