Network OS Administration Guide

Supporting Network OS 6.0.1a

Part Number: 53-1003768-04

SNMP configuration

The following sections discuss configuring the Simple Network Management Protocol on Brocade devices. This includes configuring SNMP community strings, SNMP server hosts, SNMP server contexts, password encryption for SNMPv3 users, and displaying SNMP configurations.

The SNMP default configurations, such as community string, user name, community, group, view configuration, and so on, have been removed, because of a security risk. The show running-config snmp-server command displays only system parameters during startup. You can configure the appropriate SNMP attributes by using a variety of snmp-server commands. (This does not apply to the Brocade VDX 2740 or the Brocade VDX 2746, as those switches display both system and user SNMP configurations.)

Note the following:

  • After an upgrade to Network OS6.0.0 or later, the default SNMP configuration from previous releases is removed only if the copy default-config startup-config command is issued before the upgrade. Otherwise, the running configuration is not changed.
  • There is no change in the behavior of the upgrade from the running configuration to the startup configuration.
  • Following a netinstall to Network OS6.0.0 or later, or a reboot when the default configuration is copied to the startup configuration, the following SNMP configuration appears, with previous default configurations removed:
device#show running-config snmp-server

snmp-server contact "Field Support."
snmp-server location "End User Premise."
snmp-server sys-descr "Brocade VDX Switch."
snmp-server enable trap